Schadenfreude, 2023 edition, now with much much more in 2024!


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The actor turned politician

The acting family nepo baby turned failed politician

FTFY, Guardian


The nepo baby failed actor turned failed politician!

The schadenfreude is strong with this one!


From last Friday’s Popbitch

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Missed a mister

Trump’s conviction may not yet have cost him his freedom, but it’s cost him his title. A memo went around BBC newsdesks this week informing staff that, after being found guilty on 34 felony charges, he should no longer be referred to as “Mr Trump” in the body of their articles.

The BBC’s style guide prohibits the use of honorifics for convicted criminals, who should only be referred to by their surnames.

(I know I know, his fans it the US still call him president but look at his beaming face when he was meeting English royalty. He loves the pomp, circumstance, and deference, and he isn’t getting it)