Schadenfreude, 2023 edition

This story is too good not to share. I guess this thread is as good a place as any.

The kid of a rich family in Winnipeg is busted for illegally manufacturing guns and owning other contraband such as body armour (which is illegal in Canada).

His bail was set high, due to the severity of the crime and his family’s wealth. The family paid it to keep him out of remand, but a condition of bail is a curfew (this is basically house arrest in Canada). The cops check on you twice a day to make sure you’re following the rules. It’s all spelled out in the bail agreement, and it’s standard stuff. 99% of people in this kid’s position would be in jail for the entire trial so he’s already getting special treatment.

The parents freak out to the judge because of (no kidding) “what the neighbours must think” and feel their son is “from a good family” and doesn’t deserve this totally normal and by-the-book legal treatment.

The judge told them to get bent about seven different ways and it’s hilarious. These people are like entitled WASPs straight from central casting. I love the part where they say the kid’s crime of (again) illegally manufacturing firearms and stock-piling body armour isn’t serious because he never threatened anyone. I guess robbing banks is okay too as long as you don’t scare anyone directly. :joy:

Fuck these people.