Scholar shows "three strikes" programs don't reduce piracy


That doesn’t mean we should let facts get in the way of good old-fashioned lawmaking. If anything, this paper proves the laws should be tighter. /sarcasm

Who does this surprise? Drug enforcement has never proven effective but governments routinely piss billions at the same tired and broken solutions.


It should be obvious that most punishments, whatever kind, aren’t really aimed at deterrence. They function to reinforce hierarchies of dominance. This is why it’s a bad idea to sass the judge. Three strikes and zero tolerance aren’t there to prevent crime; they’re meant to create and perpetuate a criminal class.

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Three strikes programs aren’t laws in most cases - they are agreement between corporations and other corporations which don’t respect the ideas of the people subject to those agreements.

And in cases where they ARE laws, they punish whole families for the actions of a single member. By your thinking, I would expect the whole family of a murderer to be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

The fact is, 3 strikes laws/programs aren’t a deterrent and they don’t respect the fact that most who pirate music/movies spend more money on music/movies than those don’t. It’s backwards, archaic refusal to evolve.

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