School bus evacuated due to overwhelming stench of Axe body spray

In other words, any amount at all. The Unilever chemsists who invented that crap should be tried in the Hague for chemical warfare.

Even middle schoolers know ambulances are the Venus money traps of the medical services racket.

Turn on? Not really. Appetizing? Yes.


Fun fact: in the UK, Axe is marketed as Lynx.

I wondered why there was this transatlantic difference in brand names, until I realised that for Brits the word “lynx” conjures the image of an exotic, wild animal, but for Americans it has connotations of the smell left in your garage after you’ve chased a bobcat out of it.


Conversation with an old GF in the '80s:

Her: “I like your cologne.”
Me: “I’m not wearing any.”
Her: “Oh! I like your laundry detergent.”

A few months later, I told that story to a friend at a party, who laughed out loud and said, “I’ve had the same thing happen to me! Tide liquid! Drives women wild!”

I have yet to find any scent marketed to men that makes me smell like anything other than a cat box. My wife once sniffed a tester of Canoë and said, “But that’s nice. Really, humor me and try it.” Twenty minutes later, “Oh, I see what you mean. Go and wash it off!”


Probably not. But I have a tiny bottle of CK (0.5 oz) that I’ve had for well over a decade and like to put it on once in a while. It is still 7/8 full. I have a couple of other sprays that I’ll use at odd times. Old Spice is nostalgic. I have NO idea where I got these things from as the only time I have ever bought scent was to give Mom Channel #5 for Christmas as I had no clue what else to buy. That said, you’ve made me go put on some CK.That’s on YOU.

ETA After scrolling thru I now think I remember getting Hai Karate at some point.


I suspect that many perfumes are marketed this way, and Axe isn’t an exception.

now available in a convenient two gallon bottle?

1972 called. They said it didn’t smell any better then either


How axe users see themselves

How they are seen by others.

Ah, the smell of someone who knows how to do their own laundry. I could see how that would be very attractive.:wink:


Whatever the amount needed to immolate the factory and send every last can to the molten subterra.
Seriously, as someone with scent sensivity this stuff really should disappear. I can’t walk down the cleaning aisle at a grocery without my eyes watering and holding my breath. Getting a whiff of axe feels so much worse.



For me, vanilla. Vanilla Fields, or even that lotion Victoria’s Secret sells.

Then again, I ike White Linen (if used sparingly) and Toujours Moi.


The print ad campaign included instructions for self-defense.

We did not mess around in the early 1970’s.


That’s actually the opposite for the shampoo. It takes much more product to get shampoo to foam up with one application, then it does to do two smaller applications where only the second one foams up. About 4 times as much. I remember the news stories when one shampoo product took out the repeat instruction because studies showed they ended up selling much more product. Other companies soon followed suit. Back in the 70s.

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fair enough but I was thinking in terms of personal hygiene products.

I was guilty of over applying this in junior high.


Full disclosure: I do wear cologne, at my wife’s suggestion. A few years back, a friend sent each of us a bottle of fragrance (it only occurs to me now that this may have been a hint). Mine was Blue Jeans. I went through two more bottles, although by the 3rd it seemed they’d adjusted the scent and it wasn’t an improvement. So now I’ve got a (fist-shaped!) bottle of Diesel.

But two sprays, tops!

Completely objective fact: It’s the fragrant oil that Omanis wear.

(Thanks to Donald Fagen, though, I wonder what Ambush was like? Or maybe he was joking)


My go-to:

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Did they advertise it like this?

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