School unhappy with teacher who showed Winnie the Pooh slasher film to fourth graders

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This is ridiculous and inappropriate. Surely Winnie the Pooh is more suitable for a literature class?


not sure if that’s a mis-transcription, but has much more fun and complex implications than what was probably actually said…

I joke, but this would have traumatized me. I was deeply haunted by Watcher in the Wood and had difficulty sleeping in rooms with a mirror for decades (a Disney movie starring Angela Lansbury Bette Davis). My older daughter would also be sleepless for years (my youngest would be psyched at blood and gore, but falls apart at anything remotely sad.).

Hopefully the media can show the minimum required sense and completely separate this “Parental Control” issue from the fascistic book bans but I’m not confident.

ETA: I swear I recently looked the movie up (in an effort to exorcise it from my memories) and saw Angela Lansbury’s name on it. Sorry @the_borderer for leading you falsely into a very good joke.


I think that’s your problem there. Did Angela Lansbury ever appear in anything where someone didn’t die?


Also, Lynn Holly Johnson, who seemed to be the next Hollywood “It” girl until she fell into television obscurity after For Your Eyes Only.


i thought Florida had complete and total control over teachers and classroom content? someone get Ron on the phone.


I don’t see the problem. Unless of course, there is even any implied homosexuality or CRT in the movie …



This was a huge lapse in judgement. As in firing the teacher kind of lapse.
I shudder to think of how my kid would have reacted to a movie like that.

Charter school. Charter schools can do whatever they want as long as they ban the right books and deny the very existence of LGBTQ+ people and racism


The Court Jester? The body count was low, at least, if not zero.


That’s fantastic and I totally missed it. Updated the post with credit to you. Thanks!


Name checks out, at least. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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When would it ever be okay to show any horror movie to grade schoolers in class?


… the industry seems to prefer the term “scary movies” when discussing anything not rated R

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Hey, I can relate.

There was an episode of Fantasy Island where the pictures on the wall, the same row of family pictures every 70’s home had, started talking and yelling at (in my memory) the vacationer. Since there was no switch at my end of the hallway where my room was, I ran through that hall at full speed, eyes closed, for years after seeing the episode as a small child.


Kolchak: The Night Stalker. I was only 7, but I would do anything I could to see that show despite being forbidden.


Or a film class. But a Math class? I guess it was probably a reward day movie or something.

But, uh, while not rated, it has to be an R movie, right? That’s not really appropriate for 4th grade classroom settings. I know some kids watch R movies earlier than maybe they should, and different kinds of movies are handled differently by kids. But a horror movie at that age not the best judgement, IMO.

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At that age, it’s very much a “depends on the child” thing. I might have been into it at that age. Moreso than now, in fact. But this is precisely why the teacher shouldn’t have done it. Merely watching the trailer should tell one that it’s not appropriate for a fourth grade class, because some of the kids will be having nightmares for a while now.


There was an episode of Lou Grant that scared the Hell out of me.
This one:

The final scene before the cut to credits chilled me to the bone as a kid. It’s still pretty effective.



THIS timeline AGAIN!