Schwarzenegger likes his supercool hand-carved Terminator pipe

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He “gifted” it. Arnold didn’t have to send anything, but he was nice enough to respond.


For all the hate people level on Reddit, boingboing sure does get a lot of content from there.


than “a” photo, perhaps. than “this” photo? perhaps not

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I meant the promotional value of Arnie smoking his pipe…the carver is posting this all over Reddit so I presume that’s the value he places on it


Sure. But again, labor is still labor. As a general rule… why should the rich and famous get things they can easily afford?

Sure and that’s up to him. In this case, the guy was not asked to do so, he himself decided to give away his work for free, probably because he likes Arrrrnoooolds work. It also doesn’t seem like Arnold expected it.

Nonetheless, it’s a real problem for artists in general, who are expected to give shit away for the exposure all the time. Doing art of any kind is labor, even if our society doesn’t perceive it as such.


I just want to know what Arnold is smoking in that pipe.


Well, my opinion is that there was likely awareness in both parties of the nature of the exchange…Arnold would know attention from him would benefit the artist, the artist will understand this would perhaps assist Arnold in generating whatever public persona he is trying to build, if any. Believe me I appreciate the plight of the artist, I have a very talented family member who falls into the “can’t market” category…I also know or have known examples of those who can (eg. this woman who was a next door nieghbour for many years, had a great deal of financial success selling her artwork during her life:

I get your point, but I think that is up to the gift-giver. Fans of all kinds of people (actors, musicians, writers, artists) give tokens of various quality to say they appreciate their work.

But that is a separate issue from people, famous or otherwise, expecting quality work for less than fair pay or free.

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I think there was a real missed opportunity here to make an Arnold pipe smoking its own, smaller Arnold pipe and so forth ad infinitum.


I mean, that is a bit beside the point of what “gifting” is all about. I’ve personally never been moved to make something for a celebrity I admired but if I was then I wouldn’t think of it as a transactional act.




“Fran Blanche” …love her YouTube stuff; “Lou Reed” …no thanks

The thing with Reddit is that it’s a zillion different subreddits, which have nothing in common except they exist on a shared site. Some are lovely places; others are perfectly normal as internet goes; some are toxic hellpits. It’s just that the toxic hellpits are far more noticeable, and memorable, than the parts of Reddit that are just fine.


much better than the tobacco he smokes now

By gratefully accepting the gift and sending the professional carver (carving is his livelihood) a picture of Arnold happy with the pipe, Arnold gave the carver a very impressive testimonial and endorsement, and – not to mention – a “free”, to-be-widely-distributed ad… and all for just the time it took the carver to create the pipe. I think the carver got a lot (perhaps as planned).


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Considering that the cost of providing a thank you photo includes all the negative publicity to Arnie from people who think less of him because he didn’t do more, I would say this was an expensive photo.

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There are two posts about it on the Reddit front page today. One has 178k upvotes. An average front page post usually gets 20-75k upvotes.

I don’t think many people think any less of him.

Okay, sorry to dump all over this thread, everyone. Clearly my contributions were not wanted here. I got the message.