Schwarzenegger likes his supercool hand-carved Terminator pipe

Arnold offered to buy it right off the bat, the artist was firm that he wanted to gift it to Arnold so he instead offered a signed picture :slight_smile: I do wish he would’ve sent a physical photo but it is what it is at this point.

The initial exchange is here


The compulsion to give rich/ powerful people free stuff must be primal; it happens so often.
Once and a while I’ve caught myself considering doing it.
But I never have, and I hope I never do.

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I don’t feel that way at all, sorry if you were offended.


Well said. It’s very similar to Usenet’s heyday in a lot of ways.

Re: The nature of this gift: To me, it’s just someone who enjoyed a person’s work, returning a bit of that enjoyment, with a healthy dose of self-marketing. I don’t see how those things are exclusive or derogatory, frankly.

I think most will admit the pipe is pretty cool, and everyone involved heartily enjoyed the results. That’s a win.

…Arnold is WAY more handsome, older and with facial hair o.o’. Up through his prime, I mainly thought of him as pretty goofy-looking.

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True. There are myriad ‘how do I fix [$thing]?’ questions where Reddit has saved me.

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