Arnold Schwarzenegger to anti-maskers: "Screw your freedom ... you're a schmuck"

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Does Arnold already have Nation Treasure status? If not what’s the hold up?


I think Arnold is being mis-quoted. I don’t think he said, “Screw your freedom.” I believe he actually said, “Screw your ‘freedom’.”

Or “Screw your ‘freedumb’,” if you will.


Wait, the Ahnuld is Jewish?!


Ever the singular proprietary deliverer of the simplest of truths.


It bears repeating that wearing a mask is not really that difficult or oppressing.

We’ve been doing it for more than a year now and most of us have gotten used to it, I don’t even think about it anymore. I have six or seven reusable masks, none of which I had to pay for, I wear one a day and then wash them all on Saturday. No different than a t-shirt. At this point the mask hangs around my neck and I put it on only in certain situations like stores or offices, or the subway. [ETA: to be clear, I live in a state with high vaccination rates, I am vaxxed as is nearly everyone I know. I still wear the mask because I figure it doesn’t hurt.]

If from the beginning everyone wore masks, continued social distancing, and then got the vaccine as soon as they could, then we could have gotten back to some version of “normal” much quicker, but these dumbasses who cry about “freedom” are the ones making it difficult-- they are the reason mask rules are coming back, to their own stupid chagrin.


“Freedom” is just a simple rhetorical phrase some anti vaxers use. The more complicated problem is that a lot of them believe in the Dems / china / socialism / boogey man is taking over the country lies. “Screw your freedoms” is their fuel, that is exactly what they believe they are fighting for.

I think a better ploy would be to demonstrate how all of their gqp leaders and talking heads are vaxed. Demonstrate how they are profiting from fueling the freedom rage while they act and behave contrary to their words. Ted Cruz’s kids wearing masks is a great example. Or the radio guy from the south that preached freedom to all his listeners, only to later get covid himself, end up in a hospital, sheepishly admitting he was wrong, but then proudly admits to “put politics aside for a moment” and do the right thing.


If Arnold were Jewish, that would certainly spike the seratonin of the folks who, when Jack Posobiec pointed out on Twitter that Arnold’s father was an actual Nazi, thought that was pretty cool, but that Arnold was way off the rails for his “anti-freedom” statement.


My mom gave me grief for using this word when I was a kid, “that’s a curse word!” (and we’re not even Jewish.)


No, but after this the Qnuts are going to spin it that way, guaranteed.



He did admit to the incidents, apologized to the victims, and “took sexual harassment courses, to have a clear understanding, from a legal point of view and also from a regular-behavior point of view, of what is accepted and what is not.” Nevertheless it’s hard to bequest Nation Treasure status to someone who committed sexual assault.


Soooooo fakakta.


Pretty much everything he did as a Republican Governor.


He ran the state of California for a while and did not do a great job, as @MonkeyT12 . Plus what @StatusQuo said… but at least he apologized.

Besides, it’s easy to do the bear minimum and not seem like a raging asshole right now.


Well, it should be easy. Current behavior of the public suggests this may not be true.


Yeah, people are usually a complicated mix of good and bad. The groping stories made me think that like many powerful people, he had gotten away with shit for so long that he no longer had any real conception that it was bad. On the other hand, his “broken men” speech was a moving denunciation of the increasing levels of authoritarian thought and rhetoric in the U.S…


Well, that’s my point… that really all one needs to do is NOT act like the people showing up at school board meetings and worshiping Mayor McTreason, and you look like a half-way decent human being.


I honestly think there are too many people who truly can’t be reached.
Although if they were not hypocrites, they would refuse medical treatment if they caught covid. Carry a medical declaration on their person that states such.




Can’t claim credit. It was someone on the twitters that got quoted on Colbert. A few months back, he asked people to tweet new names for Trump at him, since he no longer wanted to say his name on the show, and this is probably my favorite so far. I bet if you look at their twitter account for the show, they have the hashtag that aggregates all of them. I’m not on the twitters, so I am not sure what it is…