Arnold Schwarzenegger to white supremacists: your heroes are losers


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And this is coming from a man whose father fought for the Nazis. The part about growing up surrounded by “broken men filled with shrapnel and shame who are now resting in hell” was a great line.


I don’t always like Arnold, but that video was excellent.


Hey, if we HAVE to have a Republican who hosted Celebrity Apprentice and faced troubling accusations of sexual harassment and assault during his first political campaign then I always say go with the one who isn’t afraid to denounce Nazis.


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Good, old Arnie. He would have been a decent to good POTUS.


And who’da thunk I would be wishing for Mitt as our Pres.

No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.
— Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) August 16, 2017


Yeah, it was.

More of this; grind that fucker down under the weight of public scorn.


Bloody Austrian, going over there and stealing their president’s moral duty.


Thank you, Mr. Schwarzenegger.


Wasn’t much good as governator


Nice video, but as usual, don’t read the comments. shivers


This is a fine thing, since Schwarzie is such an icon for authoritarians. Plus, he knows the angles to hit with these idiots.

Now we need more of this. Where’s the one from Clint.


Don’t worry, the Hollyweird lib fascists will force him to make a party-approved statement any day now. /s


For the past 9 months, no one has been able to corral this nut, what makes you think someone can now?


Favorite Arnold performance to date.


Can we please have a constitutional amendment which allows naturalized citizens to be President?


Let’s not get that excited…


Who, Eastwood?

Maybe you missed my sarcasm tag.


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