Arnold Schwarzenegger to white supremacists: your heroes are losers

We’re not responsible for our fathers. My grandfather was a staunch Nazi, that has nothing to do with my own political orientation. But yeah, I find it pretty impressive how Arnie matured in his later years, see also his comments on climate change. And to get schooled by the terminator… ouch.


Ah - I may have heard of this Sar-Chasm of which you speak. Is this something like Sar-kozy?

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Came here to post this, i’m glad someone beat me to it :smiley:


Not recent buuuut…


You probably don’t want to know what Clint has to say.


I seriously have to wonder if that’s his long term play. He’s released a few of these political videos seemingly designed to make him look like a strong and reasonable leader lately. He may have included that line “I, as your President and as a Republican…” just to try it on for size.

From a practical matter such an Amendment would be a long shot but still much more likely to happen if Republicans were the ones backing it. There’s also the legal theory that the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment actually does away with the “natural born citizen” requirement.


I’d say there are times when we are responsible for denouncing their beliefs and actions. Schwartzenegger just rose to that responsibility with flying colors. Trump has not.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statement reminded me of something…

During the campaign, Donald Trump said (speaking about John McCain), “I don’t like losers.” Yet here he is failing to denounce (if not outright defend) two of the biggest “losers” in American and World history- the Confederates and the Nazis.

So much for trying to apply logic to the POTUS.





I don’t think that Arnie would necessarily make a great president, but I do think he’d be better than Donald Trump. Trump reminds me of the ill-tempered monarchs of the past, the only difference is that he’s a fully-grown adult, while many of those people took the throne when they were still children.


I’ve only heard Arnold say the word ‘Tumor’ two times. This time was not nearly as funny.


Going off his time as Governor i think he would do ok. California is one of the biggest economies in the world so if he was able to run the state and not ruin it i’d say he has a better track record than Trump… who has bankrupted himself multiple times over his lifetime.

Would i vote for Arnold for president if it were possible? I guess it would depend on other candidates but i don’t think i would.


Exactly. Or at the very least, being honest with ourselves about our ancestors. My family has lived in the south since pre-Revolutionary times. We know some of them owned slaves. But my family today is mostly left-leaning Democrat, so I always heard growing up that our family had a reputation for being Northern sympathizers during the Civil War. When I was younger, I just took this as truth. Now that I’m older, I’ve looked into the claim, and have found exactly zero evidence of this, and have instead found plenty of family members who served in the army of the CSA. Now, I don’t feel any personal shame in this, as I didn’t choose the family I was born into. But it is important that I not continue to spread a lie that our family wasn’t on the wrong side of history.


I’m first generation born in this country, my parents fought the Nazis in France. They lost every conceivable possession during WWII, family, livelihood, property, they went to their graves knowing they made a worthy sacrifice for the next generation and those to come. We can’t let this stand [nazis /kkk / fascism / bigotry] as normal business as usual, we have to as a Nation fight this, the alternate is not a viable one.


JHC! Trump, you are making me side politically with the likes of The Guvnah and Mitt Romney. YOU ARE TRULY A MONSTER!!!


I have an ancestor with exactly the same name as myself (by coincidence) who spent a lot of his life hunting down and murdering Lutherans in the 15th and 16th century (also being a political leader etc). Not a high point on the family tree, and somewhat ironic since much of my current family are/were Lutheran, whatever that means.

I would have no problem if statues of him were to be taken down by Lutherans (no idea if there are any, I doubt it).


That would take both a constitutional amendment, and it means that we need to get on freezing Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes ASAP because our dystopian future is apparently Demolition Man.


I’m surprised he has a remark, since he is evidently turning into a tree stump. That is a heck of a picture.


Yeah, Trump, listen to this guy! He has more political experience than you! (Then, so do I. I was class treasurer in high school.)


I for one welcome our Taco Bell overlords