The governornator’s message to America

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Please mind that the Kristallnacht was a nationwide mob rampage to give a big part of the population a low punch. But remember Arnold’s words when the 20th is coming up.


Thus the “50 State Capital” initiative that we are hearing about now. These domestic terrorists are going for some shock and awe.

I’m sure it’ll be tame in the Red states but significantly scarier in the blue ones. Especially the upper Midwest- I’m worried about Gov Whitmer specifically.


I still think it was less Kristallnacht and more of an attempt at the Night of Long Knives.


Swarzenegger has come a long way, for a guy who literally invited a Nazi to his own wedding.


Or, given the feeble attempts to blame things on antifa, a try at a Reichstag Fire type incident. Really, though, we should take it for what it was: a sui generis attempt to destroy and undermine confidence in liberal democracy.

As for Schwarzenegger, it was a stirring speech that was striking for his discussion about how the wages of fascism affected him and those around him in the aftermath of the war. The production values are as slick as any Lincoln Project ad.

That can’t be the end of it, though. Either he leads an effort to kick the fascists out of his party – even at the cost of a split and loss of power – or he leads other Republicans in leaving the party.


I have to say then when Arnie talked about a woman in tears, I laughed a little because I thought of Trump being approached by big tough men in tears. Of course I assume Arnie actually talked to a real woman who was really in tears when talking about what happened.


When will you ever learn?
Do NOT trust any movie actor from California entering into politics.
Not now, not never. Not from any party.
Just don’t do it,
And reality tv hosts are even worse…


Eh, I don’t know about that. I had always hoped Arnie would tackle the hard problems of tax reform and funding in the state of CA, but he never really did. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised he did as good a job as he turned out doing.

Finally, I do find his patriotism heartwarming. He’s what an American should be, immigrant or no, fame or no, political career or no.


I appreciated this so much, especially that he has never brought up this personal history to serve his own political purposes (he is ineligible for the Presidency). Granted it may have raised more questions at the time and distracted from his political messaging, but those questions and accusations WERE raised, and in the past he has brushed them off with a far less detailed response.


The Republicans have let this happen. They need to clean up there own house, because it’s 50 years of their politics that got us to this place.

While some GOP members were targeted for not being loyal enough so were Democrats, so no. They were looking to install a one party state.


As much as I appreciate the Terminator telling nazis that they are losers, Arnold himself is in no place to act morally superior. He exploited a right-wing conspiracy to help him achieve office.


The same goes for the UK Tories re: the on-going disaster that is Brexit.


And then he joined the political party that would have prevented him from doing any of those things, supported the same monster candidate for president that the rest of them did, and only spoke up against the monster once it was clear that the majority of the public no longer supported said monster, in the hopes that we would all forget that support, and forget that in his own bid for governor, he used the same damn tactics and methods himself.

Do NOT let these people escape responsibility for the mess they created by now pretending they were opposed to it all along! This is a stain that MUST haunt them and destroy their careers for the rest of their lives and beyond.


Regardless of Arnold’s own political past - I think the overall intent of this message is good.

What I’m conflicted about is the whole sword metaphor. Handling the prop during most of the speech lends it all a level of aggressiveness/battle I think we can do without. And I could be wrong - but if you temper metal too much it weakens it - but perhaps metallurgists can educate me.

lastly - telling people to line up behind Biden conflicts with his earlier points about lining up behind democracy vs one person or another. At least that’s how I heard it. Again maybe I’m wrong.


There were rather less effective “rallies” held at a number of state capitals around the country. The potential was there, but we lucked out this time. Forewarned is forearmed, we need to be alert for the next one. There will be one, of some sort.


Yeah, it was more of a Beerhall Putsch than Kristallnacht-- it failed, and it damaged Trump more than helped him.

I still remember how giddy Fox News was when Arnold became CA Governor, they were even talking about doing away with ‘natural born citizen’ requirements for president so he could run. Then Obama came along and that was forgotten.

  • Republican
  • Big in the 80s
  • Former Celebrity Apprentice host
  • Philanderer with a disturbing history of sexual assault allegations
  • Used his celebrity to win an executive office in government despite a complete lack of relevant experience in public service
  • Dad was a member of an infamous white supremacist organization

One might think that if anyone was able to identify with Trump it would be Arnold, but I salute the governator for being the vastly superior human being here.


The timeline suggests the revelations about Waldheim came out after invitations were sent out. He continued to support him for his bid to be President of Austria, however.