The governornator’s message to America

The King of Aquilonia speaks truth.


This is the kind of video that makes you stand up a little straighter and remember what kind of country we want to live in.

The words and production were great, but the effect this had on me was to finally make me freak out and start doubting my ability to perceive reality. The feeling Arnold’s video instilled in me was like I really was starting to need to come down now, but knew I still had about 3 hours of acid left in my system. I started going “so the Home Alone 2 guy is the fascist President trying to turn the US into an autocratic state and the Terminator is leading the antifascist resistance from within the party and … oh, okay, now he’s showing the american public Conan’s sword to make a point about the resilience of US democracy.”

It was finally my “I’m sick of this timeline” moment and caused me to literally ask my family members if Schwarzenegger had really been governor of California and if this was really happening.

In the message itself, the talk about what seeing or doing atrocities does to people was a nice break from the usual “I’ll meet your attempt to overtake us with my greater strength” angle.


That was the only part of the words I took issue with.

Tempering does not make “stronger” it makes something less brittle and less hard. More able to take damage without breaking, yes, if its a sword, more flexible to a point, but if you temper something too much you anneal it- completely resetting it to the weakest state of hardness it has.

You can easily temper too much. It’s called annealing.

I get the rhetorical device idea though that he was trying to do but it’s not based in a factual reality.

A better way of putting it would be difficulties can temper us and make us stronger like the sword but at some point tempering too much will weaken us permanently.

In the end I can’t rely on my countrymen to understand science so they will completely follow his rhetorical device rather than my technical correctness


During the whole “tempering the sword” bit, I couldn’t help but think, wait a minute, steel is weak; it’s the hand the wields the sword that is strong. #RiddleofSteel


How many people know what The Night of the Long Knives actually was? But I agree. They did have targets, and Mike Pence was one, specifically, but I suspect any Dems they cam across would have done just fine.


They were most certainly after Pelosi, too.


I don’t think Arnie ever supported Trump although he has become progressively more vocal about his opposition over the past 4 years. That isn’t to say he is faultless, until 2016 he diligently supported some pretty bad GOP politicians and supported most but not all of their agenda, but AFAIK he has not been a trump supporter.


I was thinking about this earlier this morning. It may be “tame” in the Red states à la complicit security- the insurrectionists will handily take over those buildings with little loss of blood. I expect more resistance in Democrat-controlled capitals. It will be more scary, but at the end of the day are there going to be enough MAGAs to make it work in those places?

So Jan 21- will Biden have to send military to these red state capitals to fight to keep states in the Union? Surely the generals are drafting scenarios right now. Right? Someone please tell me they are. The Jan 20th transition is going to be the single weakest moment in our country’s history.

The problem is, though that there are plenty of state capitols in red states that are essentially blue. And often, those cities are majority Black. Atlanta and Detroit are perfect examples. Portland Oregon, another. People think of Oregon as being a very blue state, but the reality is that there are very deep right wing roots in much of the rural parts of the state, which is, in fact, much of the state.


The best part of his speech were all the people saying they have a whole catalog of movies they can’t enjoy any longer.

Fucking babies.


How much you want to bet if you scroll through their posts they all have a bunch of post dunking on “liberals” for “cancel culture.” Hypocrites.


I don’t want Arnold in goverment but I really appreciate him speaking like this and hopefully reaching people that are slowly going down the far right rabbit hole.


Its worth reminding who this message is for, I mean there was a guy in a viking halloween costume and proud of it.
Yes, it is aggressive, but the symbolism is interpreted differently by someone who believes the conspiracies and the fantasies these people are peddling. In a sense, he is laying claim to the barbarian archetype as his own. He’s even got the sword to prove it.

This thought crossed my mind as well but then I remembered that this was for people who reject science and logic and rationality, good enough.


I’m sure this has nothing to do with anything…


I’m not an expert, but I have worked it a blacksmith’s forge. It’s more complicated than making it something stronger or weaker. Tempering is trading one property in the metal for another. It’s also common to confuse hardening with tempering. A forged item starts our relatively soft, easy to mar, and not capable of easily holding an edge. It’s usually then hardened so it can hold an edge better, or can resist damage. That process though usually produces internal stress that can cause the forged object to fail. Tempering reduces the hardness slightly to reduce the internal stress.

Since strength in metals is mostly used to refer to it’s ability to not fail (there are multiple measures of strength in metals that relate to surviving a specific type of stress), and tempering reduces stresses that cause some failures it could be said that tempering improves the strength, but it’s just as easy to say that because tempering reduces hardness and being too soft would make the item being made unsuitable to it’s task over tempering could also weaken the item.


Which we absolutely should do away with BTW although not for any particular candidate, just because it is the right thing to do. I don’t really think British loyalists are going to secretly take over the government and sell us back to the UK, and yet we have seen that a US born president is perfectly capable of inciting an insurrection.


As an actual bladesmith (my side gig)…

Tempering is heating post quench. It de-stresses the blade, and does make it tougher/stronger (but less hard/able to hold an edge if taken to excess)[the above noted annealing].

Quenching is what Arnie appears to be referring to, and that’s a very stressful thing for metal (followed by tempering to relax the stresses). With most metals, if you do a lot of repeat quenching (without normalizing cycles in between) you’re pretty much guaranteeing warping and likely cracking.

And for fucks sake, don’t hammer on something after quenching. It’s not going to get harder. You’re only introducing more stresses. The only exception to this is if you’re using lower carbon steel, and need to introduce some stresses (“work hardening” ) to get a workable hardness out of a steel that’s otherwise not capable of it.

His metaphor would have worked better if he argued that difficulties were like the later stages of working at the forge, using lower and lower heats when doing finish hammering to thermal cycle and reduce grain size, creating a steel with fine grain that would be capable of taking a good quench hardening without warping or cracking. A blade that would be tougher/stronger at a higher hardness due to the fine refined grain. (and then you’d temper it for at least 1/2 hour).


Some actors have shown themselves to be OK, although they aren’t in US politics


Blacksmith of 5 years, toolmaker who heat treats his own tooling. Learned the difference between hardening, quenching, tempering and annealing in watchmaking school.

Generally speaking, you are spot on.

I wasn’t expecting someone to call out my quick explanation- so fair enough.

Quenching steel, in either oil, water, or air (yes, there are air quenching tool steels, A2 for example) leads to hardening, but so can other processes when added in in a defined process of thermal cycling and aging, like with incolnel. Precipitation hardening with 17-4 H900 stainless is another weirder process.

Basically, I kind of skipped past a lot when I said tempering doesn’t make something stronger. It actually does, but I kinda dismissed what Arnie said wholesale with his terminology in it, as he made it seem like a process that just gets stronger and stronger. It doesnt.

My dismissal though of a basic property of tempering, in the case of normal steels for blades, was to try to make my point that tempering too much only weakens the metal past a certain point. If fully relaxed, that’s annealed. Totally “soft” condition.

Guys- @Bobo is correct in that tempering does make stronger in normal frame outside my argument example (which was poorly worded in that area due to the point I was trying to make simply)- tempering does precipitate grain structures that lead to toughening due to various phenomena going on, but it’s not really a gradual curve, or a constant to a point.

I picked the easiest way I could to descibe it, in terms of at quench, normal metals usually become the most hard, which is a range of Rockwell or other hardness scales they are capable of reaching, and they are often glass hard. Tempering is heating to a lesser temperature than you did before quenching, slowly, and this cause changes in the structure of the steel to realign in different ways, and lessens the glass hard structure.

@Bobo can probably describe this better as a knifemaker than I can- I’ve made knives, but most of my tempering involves toolmaking, where I look for material properties at different stages


No I don’t think so. Florida has already told everybody in the Capital to just work from home - also DeSantis will put on a little show of having FL Natl Guard around there.

He seems to be trying to position himself as “reasonable”. Which tells me that he’s terrified of going down with the Trump ship.

I think the statements of the Joint Chiefs yesterday probably made him piss his pants a little bit.