The governornator’s message to America

Wow, DeSantis, really?

Every commendation from each political figure/corporation, even the weaksauce ones, give me that much more hope that Jan 20 will be a (relatively) slow news day.

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I could be totally wrong of course. But DeSantis is first, and foremost, a complete coward. He tends to hide when he senses that the shit is about to hit the fan.


Not picking on you, but as a bit of a typical BB pedant, wanted to make sure the subject matter was clear. And TBH my knowledge is mostly limited to higher carbon steels and related alloys used for blades (as above which run the gamut from water hardening to air quenching steels), and some limited knowledge of “whitesmithing” for jewelry processes.

The funny thing is that if we substitute “tempering” for “quenching” (which is what the governator was actually kinda describing), and then assume his blade was made of a non-steel material like copper or perhaps silver, then he wouldn’t be wrong. Always blows my steel based mind that heating and quenching actually softens and de-stresses some non-steel metals (which I always have to remember when I’m making and working mokume).


He told that same story after Charlottesville actually, but yeah

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It’s okay we need to argue the correctness of Metallurgy like proper nerds when someone on the Internet is wrong! :rofl:

I swear I live in a house, a nice one actually, and not my parent’s basement :laughing::laughing::sweat_smile:

If I can’t mock myself, who will?

(edit- just to be clear, I don’t live in my parent’s basement. I do actually live in a nice home, am normally a working professional, and do have a loving girlfriend)


The movie explicitly refers to the secret of steel, so that’s off the table. But then again they show the sword being made by casting rather than blacksmithing, so…

In terms of the general aesthetic of the props and sets it would indeed fit better into the Bronze Age than the Iron Age.