Trump supporter thinks Donald is a good parent who perfectly raised his children

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Scratch a conservative, find a monarchist. Same as it ever was. Colonists in late 1600s Virginia returned to England to fight for the monarchy (why the mascot of UVA is the cavalier…they were the monarchist side, opposed to Cromwell).


That’s performance art, right? Please, please let it be something like satire.


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The Constitution obviously applies because he’s allowed to stand outside and voice his ignorance as a protest.


I’d say something about his favourite monarch’s parenting skills resembling those of King Lear, but it would be wasted on this ignoramus.


Someone hug Eric!


He didn’t raise his children at all



It will not be long before we get:

“This season on Bering Sea Gold… Eric and Don Jr!”

“Tonight on Desperate Housewives of Some Beach in Florida Ivanka and the poolboy caught again! and again! and again!”

“Earwolf proudly presents Jared Kushner and Mike Lindell’s THEORIES THAT ARE TOTALLY TRUE!”

“Discovery features season 10’s winner of ALONE, Melania Trump! Melania killed a wolverine with her hands and ate its still beating heart for the win!”

I love the idea of a Sarah Palin/Melania Trump buddy cop show.


The same people who fly the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, talk about “1776,” insist that the Second Amendment is necessary to protect people from the government, and wax poetic about nebulous “freedom” are the same people who say (figuratively), “Dominate me, God Emperor Daddy Trump.”

I just don’t understand.


Only figuratively?


Man exercising his first amendment right, and probably his second (he looks like a gun owner), and I don’t even know why he felt it necessary to bring up the third but that’s not relevant since I doubt there are soldiers being quartered in anyone’s home, tells us the Constitution has failed. By which he means it’s failed HIM, a fragile white man, from giving him what HE wanted, which I assume is Trump as president and more power for fearful white males who can’t handle sharing.

That’s what I took away from this. Fragile white tears, and a lack of understanding that the system is working EXACTLY the way dipshits like this wanted it to function when they cast their votes for GOP politicians. If corporations have too much power, who is to blame for that? I can assure him it’s not the progressives who warned them what failing to enforce anti-trust and other regulatory laws would produce.

But sure, keep on NOT listening to us, oh he who would create kings.


I particularly enjoy it when they depict their savior as a very burly, muscled man—as though no one has eyes to see that he’s a morbidly obese tub of French fry oil who applies tacky amounts of self-tanner and has cobbled together a bird’s nest of hair to hide the fact that he’s balding.


Trump would have never relinquished any land to any of his kids, though he’d privately promise it to each, and then hold on to it all until it lied in ruin. He’d also have fired the Fool as soon as he talked back, and then forever blame his misfortunes on him.


It’s almost as if everything we were taught in USAnian schools about the founders and the various compromises they navigated (“if we don’t admit South Carolina as a state, we give the redcoats a beachhead where they can amass troops and roll up the rest of us…”) was little thin on the facts.

Consider the OG revolution against the UK as the first of several wars over slavery and by extension capitalism. We may not be done with that argument just yet or with the idea or monarchy, from the looks of it.


Whether you have been successful at something always depends on what your established goal was in the first place. If someone goes to the toilet, they aren’t there to lay golden eggs, so one shouldn’t see the result as a failure.

When I think about Trump, and Trump’s values, I think his children are pretty much exactly what I would expect. I think the kind of people who vote for Trump would probably see them as a success story. The surprising part to me is that there are just so many people who see the world that way.


Fuck this guy.


Random guy: “And what do you call your act?”
Trump: “The Aristocrats!”


We probably never will be. There is a general trend away from monarchy and classical empire around the globe, but the fact is that a significant portion of the population, regardless of where they’re from or what political reality they’ve experienced, are deeply uncomfortable with the messy realities of democracy and self-rule. Consider the great number of Americans (and members of Congress) who were more than willing to acquiesce non-fictitious liberties for the fiction of “security”. It’s the same impulse that draws people to strongmen (post-Soviet Russia, for example) and populist dictator wannabes (Brazil, USA, Philippines, etc) when they experience an era of upheaval and uncertainty.