Arnold Schwarzenegger to anti-maskers: "Screw your freedom ... you're a schmuck"

4+ mins? Take your medicine, girlyman!

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Very few famous and rich people are entirely unproblematic. (Dolly Parton? If not please don’t tell me, but it wouldn’t totally surprise me if she like most people in the south did or said some things in the 60s and 70s that would seem very problematic from a race or sexuality point-of-view today. It would not necessarily affect my current view of her unless she refused to improve - evidence seems otherwise - or was massively worse than people at the time).

So on that basis I like Arnold. He has become a good elder statesman for sanity in a somewhat insane time, and is the kind of person some of the GQP people would look up to. And he speaks in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. I don’t necessarily think being a bad governor is a negative, it’s just not a positive. And he seems to have really take the sexual harassment issue to heart and fixed it. People should be allowed to improve.


Agree with this too, the only people I see switching sides is when someone close ends up in the hospital.

I do love your comment about making the anti vaxers accountable for their actions. I’m unsure about denying any kind of medical treatment, but right now it is seemingly too easy to be vaccinated and anti vaccination. Same way I feel about financially stable people claiming the sky is falling just because their gqp rep is fueling their fears. Make these people risk something for their “beliefs”.


To be clear, I don’t think you can make anyone do that, but if they were intellectually honest and not hypocritical, they would take those steps, IMO.


The post you’re responding to was specifically in reference to the question of whether Arnie was a national treasure. A history of sexual assault, no matter how long ago or how much the assaulter has repented since, would seem to be a serious disqualifier, no?


No, I should be nicer, because clearly, I’m attacking a national treasure… :roll_eyes:

But once again, women get told to shut the fuck up and watch their tone when talking about men who sexually harass women by their fans. Par for the god damn course.


We just had a long term member flip their shit the other day, earning themselves a permaban because they couldn’t handle other people criticizing their idol… Bill Maher.

I simply can not fathom stanning so hard for someone who not only doesn’t know that I exist, but who likely would not go to bat for me, even if they did; it’s so damn weird.

You know my motto:


pop tv yes GIF by Schitt's Creek

People are welcome to enjoy the work of whoever they enjoy the work of… personal taste is just that. But I don’t see why trying to convince others to like a performer you enjoy matters so much.


BS tribalism/conformity; same as it ever was…



Honestly a bear could do better than the modern GOP… a failed party at this point. They need to go the way of the Whigs.


Or if Trump had taken his cues from an actual fox and his friends


I’ll grant that by the standards of “80s celebrity-turned-Republican-politician who once hosted Celebrity Apprentice and has a long history of philandering and sexual assault” Arnold stands head and shoulders above the rest.


He tarnished it with some sexual harassment hijinks and a career detour into politics.


Everyone knows he hates animals… he’d be like the anti-Disney Princess…


‘Low bar’ is… buried 50 feet deep in Death Valley.


For sure. I never said he was a national treasure, I said I like him and he appears to have redeemed himself. Dolly’s a National Treasure ™. I thought I implied as much.


Yeah. So very much this. There’s just something wrong with getting super wound up about somebody that you have never met. I mean I like Keven Spacy’s work, he has been a good actor. So I was disappointed when the news of his behavior came out. But I didn’t get angry at his accusers for telling their stories. How can people be so sure that somebody that they never met wouldn’t do the things that they are accused of. Especially when that person’s job is pretending to be somebody that they are not.


I guess I can understand the confusion, but National Treasure was Nicolas Cage.


When did Jon Stewart and Arnold Schwarzenegger start looking like the same person?