Watch: the brain-breaking stupidity of anti-vaxxers at rallies

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But why? Assholes gonna asshole.

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I couldn’t stick it.


It’s almost like people are now being excluded not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.


Just don’t be putting some shit in my body that isn’t proven."

Whoa, likely seen eating McDonald’s chicken McMaggats directly after making this statement.


Death rate is 13x higher for unvaxxed, with a way larger data set than there should be

also the most recent xkcd:


We’re fucking doomed.


The whole “natural immunity is best immunity” is so mind-numbingly, obviously stupid, that it’s just amazing how widespread it is. i mean, fox is stupid, tucker is stupid-- but who knew they could be That Stupid? There is no floor to this.

And this is just the vaccines. The GQP runs the stupid gambit on almost every issue, from 2020 elections, to climate change, to race relations, to Jan 6. And this is the party thats going to take over in 2022 (and possibly reelect Trump in 2024). Theyve proven they drive the car off the cliff every time, and we keep giving them a new car, because each time “they had a good reason to drive off the cliff.”


Ask them for a list their diet from the past 24 hours and all the ingredients in those foods. Likely they don’t know what all the ingredients are and may have descriptors that only a chemist could pronounce. And I’m as guilty as anyone, who knows what’s in some of the take-out food I eat. For many of us it’s a leap of faith when we consume anything. I’m willing to take that leap when it comes to something that has a track record of keeping me from a miserable death from a vicious virus that is hell bent on killing all of us.


I’d like to know how many of them smoke tobacco, too. Or consume the poison drug called alcohol.


The good news is that we’ll soon have better data on the effects of multiple covid infections.

The bad news is probably going to be what that data tells us.


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But there is a ton of data on those! /s


I don’t think that guy at the end is a real sea captain.

  • “Tens of thousands of people have already died from the vaccine. When the flu vaccine came out 75 people died and they stopped it to rework it.”
    I can’t speak for the US, but out of however many millions of people in the U.K. have received multiple vaccinations, I believe 72 have died, and those due to a rare reaction to a protein in the AZ vaccine, and those in the very early stages before what was happening was recognised.
    Sadly, one was my partner, exactly nine months ago today, but even when the warning signs became known, she exhibited the same symptoms daily, as a result of a brain haemorrhage thirteen years before; however, it’s possible she could have been treated, but untangling the symptoms from her existing condition may have been too difficult to make a difference in time. I’ll never know.
    I have had three vaccinations so far, and if a fourth, fifth or more are needed, I will have them without hesitation, as anyone with a conscience should - it’s not just yourself at risk, understand?

From the “L.A. Wellness” piece, his response referencing the type of cat is brilliant:

That part toward the end, where the guy is saying this “vaccine mandate” is bringing us back to a 1960’s version of segregated America, I so wish Klepper would’ve asked, “well, isn’t that what you wanted, with the whole MAGA thing?”


Aside from all the vaccine absurdity, I’m confused by the guy who told Jordan Klepper: “You’re a Democrat, you can’t afford these jeans.”

It’s not even necessary because I could have guessed as much, but a quick googling finds that Jordan Klepper has a net worth of about 2 million dollars. The jeans that look like the ones the guy is wearing in the video on the True Religion online store are $89 on sale from $159. I’m guessing Jordan Klepper could probably afford that if he cut back on coffee and avocado toast or something.


“No, not the 1960’s version.” :slightly_frowning_face:


“In the 1960s, when they told you it was time to get vaccinated against polio, you fucking got vaccinated against polio, without any of this whining or doing your own research first”


So very sorry. All healing to you.