Antivaxers get angry at rally in Hollywood

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Wow, could not stick it.



I know I’m not the only one who can’t watch this shit anymore.

And I’m not putting on blinders, it’s just that we’ve seen it over and over and over. . . same damn stupidity.

Nothing new to learn here.


Here’s the problem, though. We turn our back to it, we’re living in our OWN reality. I don’t want to marinate in it every day, but we need to acknowledge that it’s a huge flaming problem and find a way to reach these people. Legit civil war is not an option.


I really would like to believe that a rational conversation with some of these folks would help bridge a gap, might open a door to productive changes to help everyone. I would also like to believe I could get the winning lottery numbers from a fortune cookie. I really do want to believe, I do…but I can’t. There’s nothing left to work with. FUBAR


How can one “get” angry, when it’s one’s default state of mind?


I knew someone on that side of the argument and tried to speak rationally with them. In general, the person was more level headed than the folks who drive the noise at these rallies. That didn’t stop them from either attempting to deflect or vaguely saying something about liberty without being able to explain HOW this is affecting our liberties. It’s all buzzwords and Constitution without explaining anything deeper than what they hear they need to say. Almost like they’re just going on the faith of being right.


same. i made 2 minutes, how did you do?


'Bout that, I guess.
That first woman was talking again.

The level-headed French guy was a great palate cleanser at the end.


I’ve resigned myself to getting booster shots and wearing a mask for the rest of my life but if that’s what it takes for nature to finally weed out these people from the gene pool, so be it.


Why is it that only certain rallies have kettling and water cannons etc…

I’d really like to see some of the same tactics used against these assholes. You could easily make the case that they’re responsible for more disease based violence and death than pretty much any other protestors.

Actually, at this point I’m so sick of these sociopaths ignoring modern medicine and science, and harming the rest of society, that I’m ok with using these rallies to round up all of these assholes and ship them to their own private island. (with no contact allowed afterwards).


Sadly, these kinds of nuts are also a big business in California.



Bruce Lee Racism GIF

Sometimes, it’s anti-communism… but generally racism.


Here you go. Trieste port. Random antivaxxers ans very few port workers made a blockade on a port entrance, and because it was clear that wasn’t a strike, police used teat gas and water cannons.


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Yes. There was a meme I saw “why argue with an anti vaxxer, when you can just wait.” Google image searched for it, and found this instead (link should actually be in English " How to Scientifically Dismantle the 4 main Anti-Vaccine Arguments"):

Unfortunately it doesn’t address the more paranoid arguments like microchips, but how can anyone logically debate that.

It doesn’t matter if you scientifically dismantle it. They will move goal posts, because even the ones who aren’t whinging about microchips or squids of what the hell ever aren’t interested in the facts of the thing.

You are, of course, welcome to try and I hope that some actually are brought around by a well-reasoned, scientifically based argument… but i suspect for many it will be like…

Come On Reaction GIF by Amanda Cee Media

What has seemed to work for some has been vaccine mandates.

The problem is that many of the people who are embracing the anti-vax stance is that they are authoritarians, who despite their screaming about their freedoms, really just want someone to tell them what to do.

At some point, we need to stop trying to just convince them and instead make them do the right thing. But I suppose that makes me the real fascist for arguing that letting others kill others via a deadly diseases is a bad idea.

We’re well past 740,000 deaths in this increasingly stupid country. I just want the deaths to stop or at least go down to something that isn’t insane.


There is more than one type of anti-vaxxer, so it’s not helpful to lump them all together. While some will move the goalposts, there are others who heard “vaccines have dangerous amounts of aluminum in them” and pointing out “we ingest several times that amount when we drink out of a soda can” may have some traction. It always helps to have that kind of knowledge handy anyway.

Nowhere was I arguing against vaccine mandates.