Sci-Fi Sundays: Worlds of IF Science Fiction, August 1964

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Well, the illustrations certainly covers up the plot of Farnham’s Freehold. It’s supposed to be a world where blacks are on top & whites are their slaves.

That pirate saucer is fantastic.

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It’s a lo-ong time since I read it, but aren’t Ponse and Memtok black? Ponse certainly looks black in that illo, and whereas it’s difficult to tell what race Memtok is meant to be, I’m getting a strong Luke Cage vibe off him and that wand kinda reminds me of an assegai.

“Cover up” seems a bit strong; it’s not like it’s not plain text in the story itself. Clumsily so, even.

I will bet that Morrow did not illustrate he cover. That is just horrible artwork. Maybe it was a rough draft?

The cover’s by Fetterly.

I see. I was confused by this:

Now this would have been a hell of a cover! not only is it much more intriguing, it is for the same story and by the same artist.

It’s Gray Morrow and Jack Gaughan, don’t know full names on the other artists. I know Morrow did a ton of comics and book covers (all those Perry Rhodan reissues in the 70s/80s), while Gaughan did SF magazines and book covers.

Memtok was a white eunuch overseer. Ponse was the black lord of the manor.

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