Scientific study shows that adults sleep better when rocked as they snooze

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I had heard this from navy guys, that the pitch and roll of an aircraft carrier was very nice while sleeping.


I spent a couple of months sleeping on a houseboat in a sheltered marina, and I’ve never woken up feeling as good as I did during those months, despite the fact that my bed in the boat was by far the most uncomfortable bed that I have ever experienced.


I sleep better on cruise ships and in airplanes when there’s mild turbulence. But I’ve also assumed that was because I was on vacation and thus in a more relaxed state to being with.

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I’m confused by the mention of young adults. Does this mean teenagers? 20-somethings? What if I’m young at heart?

Usually that means “freshmen psych students,” but in this case it appears to mean “grad students.” (23.39 ± 1.61 years old)


Pitch and roll of an aircraft carrier?! Lord, take me now, it ain’t gonna get no better.

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PS. I do agree with the premise of the article. A surfaced sub is just about as stable against roll as a watermelon in the ocean and for the same reason: big round hull, no keel. But when berthing is rigged for black, there’s no better sleeping than during a surface transit.

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I know this because I used to have a waterbed. Being rocked to sleep is lovely. (sex on a waterbed, not so much)


The only time I was ever able to sleep on airplane longer that 3-5 minutes at a time was on a trip between Chicago to Boston with continual mild chop.

OTOH, traveling down from Seattle to Los Angeles on the Coast Starlight was not particularly restful; at some time during the first 5 hours of travel, my back decided it wanted to go on strike, and the gentle swaying of the train, despite the lovely scenery through the mountains, could not overcome the YOWTCH!

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I lived and worked on boats for about 4 years, and I have never been better rested. For about 3 of those years I slept on land only about 10 days per year (when I went back to the family for Xmas).

I’ve floated the idea of moving into a houseboat or floathouse a few times with Mrs. Rocketpjs, but no luck so far.

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Where are our towed-fiber Hughes lighter-than-air telemetry and super limited landscaping fire escape craft for touring the US Southwest, eh? (Or Portugal.)

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I’m not going to go look up the reference now, but my husband (a sleep specialist clinical psychologist) recently read a study about the sleep of older people being significantly improved if they were rocked in a bed to the rhythm of one of their brain waves while in deep sleep. It seems a bit impractical.

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sounds like an evolutionary remnant from the time when we were spent our lives mostly in trees. I mean, we are still apes, right?

I’m off to the junk drawer to see what I can rig to an arduino to make my bed rock…

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Well, at least when all the ice caps melt and we’re forced to live on jury-rigged rafts, those who survive will sleep well.

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