Scientists 3D print hunk of Wagyu steak

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I’m a confirmed meatosaurous, but I’d tear into that for sure.


I’ve been vegan for so long I have no desire to eat steak, it’s just gross.

But can we please replicate some Camembert already?


New Scientist had an article on just that recently.


Mmm…looks delish.

This was a good short story about 3d printing steak

That article immediately came to mind, and it seems like we’ll not only have complete, vat-grown milk before steaks (at least as commercial products), but they’re already using milk proteins produced this way in food production.


Throbbing Gristle

Holy cow!
This. Is. Game-changing!

There’s a lot of really good vegan chocolate out there these days, but as I’ve noted here before, all the cheese alternatives I’ve tried have ranged from mediocre to god-awful.

Could… could this mean I’ll finally be able to eat Stilton again?!

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I just started going into the gym again thus back into the hassle of getting enough protein.

There are all the people bending over backwards to make a perfect analog of meat, but I’d be perfectly happy to get off the train at a few stations before perfect likeness. How about animal protein that came across like tofu for example? I’ll never grow tired of maputofu.

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