Scientists open arena for dance party to study COVID-19 exposure risk

Originally published at: Scientists open arena for dance party to study COVID-19 exposure risk | Boing Boing


No mention of drug or alcohol use being monitored. I would think that would be a HUGE factor.


This, along with the substance use mentioned by @UnBoingBoing , is why it’s going to be a while before I go out to see live music again.
There have been pictures posted by people I know of wedding and funerals where at the beginning, nearly everyone was msked, but by the end, everyone is bare-faced.


Human crop failure comes to mind.

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Spitting encouraged events are too much of a jump for me.

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Still boggles the mind why dine-in restaurants are a controversy. Of course people are going to take off their masks to drink… and each time you’re adjusting it, that’s another opportunity to forget to put it back on.

Not to mention the challenges of dancing in stifling air. As a fursuiter that’s gone to raves/dances in suit… I get it, it’s not as fun.

Having done it in the extreme, though, they don’t earn any sympathy for the impossibility of wearing a mask while dancing, to protect your partying brothers and sisters from a potentially-lethal pandemic pathogen.

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Those scientists are only doing it because normally they don’t get invited to those sort of parties.


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