Carsie Blanton Is Making Live Music Great Again

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Carsie Blanton is an incredibly fun musician. We saw her show live a few times in the before-times and always had a ball.

I don’t want to derail this thread since we should be focusing on the music and the artist, but I’ve read this post several times and I just can’t get past what a weird take this is.

I’ve been to plenty of concerts since mid-2021. It’s the only “high-risk” activity I have done since the pandemic started. For as many shows as I’ve been to since then, at precisely none of them have I been comfortable enough with the setting to not wear a mask. (Only one show ever actually checked vax status, none have enforced mask requirements in any meaningful fashion).

Ultimately, I’m still in a crowded space surrounded by strangers. If I’m going to be in a high-risk setting like this, I feel the only responsible mitigation is to stay masked, and be vaxed of course. But hey if you feel comfortable being in a large crowd of strangers in the middle of a pandemic without wearing a mask, you do you.

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Yeah, it sucks that venues can’t be consistent, and it’s due in large part to regulations and public health guidance at multiple tiers that isn’t consistent or clear either, and that are constantly changing.

Just wear a mask and have a copy of your vax card with you at all times. Simple as that. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy a live show with a KN95 or similar mask on and not create undue risk to yourself or others. I have done it almost a dozen times since mid-2021.


If I’m going to be in a high-risk setting like this, I feel the only responsible mitigation is to stay masked.

I’m with you, both for personal safety and for mitigation. COVID Fatigue is a real problem.





Sociopathic tendencies, much?


Clearly someone has never had a bout of explosive diarrhea. It can really ruin an evening.


Ummmm, I guess I’m sorry you didn’t get to fully experience the Zeitgeist with several millions of other Americans who have, I guess? But you know what they say about anything that comes before a “but” in a sentence?

People have and still are suffering in innumerable and tragic ways. This seems a very unfortunate framing of your story. And completely detracts from your presumed goal of highlighting an artist.


The phrasing on this post is so incredibly poorly chosen, I’d flag it if that were still an option for BB articles.


I just learned that our choral director has been fighting so hard to protect us for the last two years that she was nearly fired.

As she put it: I’ve lost one singer to covid, I’m not losing any more.

And so we sing while wearing masks, in less traditional formations, in spaces with a great deal of air and space to spread the audience out. The audiences have to prove they’ve been vaccinated or gotten a negative test in under 24 hours.

Singing is one of the most dangerous things one can do during this pandemic. Audience members who are so selfish that they’re willing to harm and even kill the people around them at a concert are a perfect example of WHY we’ve lost over a million people in this country in such a short time. No sense of civic responsibility or basic decency.

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It really sucks you couldn’t go out and do whatever you wanted while a few million people around the world died from a preventable infection.


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