Scientists track the origins of a ship buried under the World Trade Center


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They’re totally covering up the fact that the only human remains are clutching what appears to be a 200-year-old iPhone. Inquiring minds want to know!

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Wait, they never found this before building the original WTC?

…i’m waiting to hear how this ties into the 9-11 truther thing…


Maggie, I didn’t get a single ad nor pop-up there. May I suggest AdBlockPlus? (firefox. Don’t know about other browsers).
Great article. A most unexpected find.

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Also 38 trackers according to Privacy Badger. Cool article though.

Ghostery (also available for chrome) and no script are your friends as well…

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The ship came from Philadelphia…


I read the headline and my brain quietly translated “ship” as “spaceship”. Nobody will tell you about that story though.



Yeah, she really wasn’t kidding!

PS It’s available for most browsers.

FWIW Ghostery gives you the ability to turn off 3rd party tracking, but they keep track of you. Apparently what is good for the gander is not good for the goose.

They say on this wikipedia page that it is opt-in, but I’ve heard from reliable security researchers that it does in fact track your behaviour. I imagine the opt-in feature merely allows them to onsell the data (rather than just using it internally).

Privacy Badger is a preferred option because it’s built by the EFF, who are militantly committed to no one but the user, not a company that has business relationships with advertisers (as is the case with ghostery). I believe it is built on the code behind adblock plus, and designed to require no setup .

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Bwaah! Did not know that! Thanks for the info.

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I use both of those as well and also run my browser in Sandboxie. But I didn’t want to smother my post in a whole bunch of topic-unrelated links and put Maggie off with a host of security concerns. For the average user who just wants to block intertron-ads, AdBlockPlus makes an instant, visible difference to one’s browsing.
Thanks. I’ll check that out.

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