The explorer who found the Titanic is off to find Amelia Earhart's plane

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Hadn’t the TIGAR [sp?] people been looking at Nikumaroro for some time, now? I think there were bits of archeology suggesting western goods containers…

Also, Ballard was on some spook-y task in the North Atlantic when he came across the Titanic, right? Wondering if this announcement is some kind of similar cover.


i honestly thought they had already found her plane, or pieces of it. maybe that was in my original timeline, though…


Considering the shipwreck in question is about 90% gone now, I doubt there would be much to find of a much smaller aircraft after sitting in salt water and getting beaten by the surf for 80 years (although if it fell into deep water maybe they’ll find something.) Plus a google image search turns up the photo in question, and the “landing gear” is a Rorschach test-- it could also be Sasquatch or Nessie.

If you look at the history of the island there were actually settlements and inhabitants there as recently as the 1960’s, which makes me question how we can know the origin of any artifacts found on the island.

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Past few years there was new evidence… I recall a small aluminium patch that was added to her plane in the States and that item was either found loose on that island of was in a photo showing the plane captured by the Japanese… something along those lines.

Every TV show wants to be THE one to be the final word on some mystery… very few are, they just re-hash known outcomes.

We all want another Hitler hunting show to take us to Bariloche, Paraguay because THAT hasn’t been done to death

Can’t take, say more than a week at best…

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What are they actually looking for in the Pacific? The Titanic wasn’t an expedition to find the unsinkable ship. They were out doing spy stuff


Yeah, but didn’t you hear? Campbell showed Ballard a digitally enhanced version, clearly showing the landing gear of a plane people have been looking for at this exact location for 80 years straight.

It was right under our noses the whole time!

Wikipedia says that the Navy sent Ballard to investigate two sunken US nuclear submarines–the Thresher and Scorpion. Specifically, the Navy wanted to know what was going on with their nuclear reactors. Ballard found that the two subs imploded at the depths involved, and left a debris trail on the ocean floor that could be used to locate them. The Navy funded the initial part of the expedition (and put him on active duty), with the agreement that when he finished that part of the job, he could then use those same resources to search for the Titanic. He used the debris trail technique to locate the Titanic.


Good luck with that, the plane is long gone and Amelia is in stasis, to be discovered in 2371 by USS Voyager.


So, odds on the Russians, Chinese or Soviets having lost a sub in the area?

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hey, you and i are from the same timeline! wish we weren’t stuck in this one, ya know? if you ever figure out how to get back, i’d appreciate a DM. i’ll do likewise, of course. :wink:

And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that meddling Sasquatch and Nessie!


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