Scientists view never-before-seen glowing jellyfish in Mariana Trench ocean depths


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Absolutely gorgeous looking and it looks totally unreal, which makes it even more amazing. I can’t wait to see what what else they find.


Made me think of this:


If you like this sort of stuff, this book is something you need:


Ooh, thanks for the tip!:relaxed:


“This suggests an ambush predation mode.”

Missed again! Damn these glowing yellow gonads!


Need the lamp-a-like in the Boing Boing store, pronto.


Holy crap, is that thing super neat-o or what?!

Yes, I said neat-o.


The live stream every evening this month is great viewing. It starts around 16:30 Eastern, and ends just after midnight. They’re pretty good at explaining what you’re seeing, and there’s a bunch of scientists on the conference line occasionally chiming in.


I have a Jelly obsession, big fan of Ctenophora

Here’s some other wonders of the deep:


I used to have similar problems…


Those would all be improved by the addition of googly eyes.



The video looks fake/CGI to me, am I the only one??


Jellyfish scientists view never-before-seen alien robot probe.


That was a great movie. A breakthrough for CGI.


“Hey is that a USO…” (connection lost)


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