Scorpions crawl on professional scorpion handler while filmed in black light

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The great thing about Emperor scorpions is that they look super scary because they’ve got those giant claws and everything but they’re actually much less dangerous than their smaller cousins—they can deliver maybe as much venom as a bee sting. They’re pretty docile too, you can handle them at least as easily as a tarantula.

I used to have one as a pet when I was in college. My mom borrowed it to bring to her office on Halloween and filled the bottom of its travel terrarium with candy, leaving a note reading “take one!” That’s when I realized she was where I got my sense of humor.


Yeah, I loved the fact that some of her co-workers reached in to grab the candy assuming that the scorpion must be fake because surely no sane person would really bring a huge, live scorpion into the workplace and then got freaked the hell out when it moved.


All the same… Nope!


Nowness presents an art film starring a professional scorpion handlers and several of her venomous charges.

More like Nopeness.


Professional. Scorpion. Handler.


Neat! One of the UV flashlights are marketed to find scorpions.

Do I need to repost my glowy UV rocks link, or everyone seen them?

In this context it’s kind of like saying “professional tarantula handler.” Tarantulas can bite when threatened and not everyone is gonna be comfortable letting a tarantula crawl on them for a video, but it’s not like it takes special training to handle one.

I can haz on resume? Coolness.

Professional scorpion wrangler: cool under fire.


Professional Scorpion Handler!? My guidance counselor never mentioned anything like that being a career option!

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I thought that I was finally over the trauma from watching The Arrival, but nope. :grimacing: For those who aren’t interested in the whole movie, here’s the scene.

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I was expecting a retrospective on supporting an arena-rock band in the 80’s, not that!

Seriously, though. I was only mildly squicked out until from 7:06 to the ending. Skin… still… crawling…

Also, as long as you aren’t threatening them it’s extremely unlikely that they would try to sting. Like so much in life you’ll be fine so long as you don’t freak out.

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the most unsettling thing about that video was the toenails

The most disappointing thing about owning that scorpion was that it never once used its stinger, even on the live crickets I fed it. It just reached out with a claw like it was picking up a burrito and stuck the bug into its mouth. Totally anticlimactic.


Me, at the start : 8 minutes? I’m not going to find this interesting for 8 minutes.

Me, 8 minutes, 44 seconds later : O-0

That was the most beautifully Halloween thing I’ve seen this year.

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