Scott Brown Senate campaign threatens Lessig for calling him a "lobbyist"




If it smells like sht, looks like sht and squishes like sh*t, it must be a lobbyist.

Be interesting to see how this will go.


Fight doublespeak with doublespeak: Scott Brown isn’t a lobbyist; he’s a TERRORIST and a TRAITOR to his nation.


You know you’ve passed a certain threshold of credibility when they stop ignoring you and start threatening to sue you.


Also, evildoer, fop, and nose-goblin.


Oh I like the part about nose-goblin!

Anybody who has been following Brown’s campaign knows he isn’t serious about anything at all - he doesn’t even have much of a campaign staff. The chances of his bringing suit against this one detractor, among the hordes, are about nil. It is gratifying to see Lessig isn’t in the least bit intimidated.


Come on, this guy’s legal options include a) forgetting he said it, and b) apologizing. Any actual lawyers at his firm will tell him he will be liable for court costs if not worse if he brings such an obviously inane lawsuit. Only a judge who actually hates Lessig would fail to observe that the common usage of the word “lobbyist” can reasonably include “working for a firm that specializes in lobbying”.


See also the landmark judicial case Shit v. Shinola.


teabagger, carpetbagger, douchebagger

I almost want him to win just so he never comes back to MA.


Well, at least everyone is finally on board with the fact that lobbyist is a dirty word.


That’s so f*****g unfair.

I refuse to be saddled with the derogatory term “lobby-spotter.”


If you’d prefer, I have contacts at the scrabble dictionary and can inquire about adding “foyerist,” but that’s the best I can do for you…


I demand that he henceforth be called “anteroomist” or alternatively, “anti-rheumist.”


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