Scotty, beam me up! It _ate_ my firehose

BC firefighters were fighting a blaze when a firenado yanked their hose away, with the surreal video of their hose being pulled away, up into the sky. The firenado spat it out after it melted it.

(Video contains very appropriate profanity.)


Good lord! I thought “yanked their hose away” meant it slipped through someone’s hands, not that three people lost a tug of war with the firenado!

They don’t talk about the fourth person who was holding it at the time.

Arthur, you’ll have to learn it’s a convention in all space-travelling species that if have to ditch someone, you know - a friend, and there’s nothing you can do, you just let it be. You don’t talk about them, Okay?

What, really?

And then we get blind drunk about them later.


I’d like to see the paperwork on this one.

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