Scramble ME

This video by Ernie “EDUB” Vigil sold me a motorcycle. The action starts around 0:58. READ THE REST

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I hummed and hawed and chewed and thought on the Scrambler, and then a Daytona came my way. For a 7 mile city commute. Mind, it’s narrower than a Vespa!

See, I live way out on coastal country roads. I currently ride an R75/6 and its wonderful fun. I think the Scrambler will be like that but with modern stopping, starting and handling technology. I love the BMW but always find myself a little scared in hard braking situations, well… MORE scared.

I like the Scrambler as a ‘day rides up and down the 1’ bike.

Anyone see that episode of Louie where he crashes one of those?

An older Triumph like that reminds me of my old man. He used to road race clubs in the late '60s. A few Velocettes, a Manx Norton. Lemme try to dig up some pictures. I know he had them but I don’t know where he left them.


Puts my '78 Honda CB400TII to shame, though honestly I’m not sure I could be trusted with so much raw power!

Great bike. I have an '09 Bonneville America. Same engine as the Scrambler.

The Scrambler reminds me of the '68 Triumph Tiger T100c I had once. Also an on/off road bike built as a flat track dirt racer. Not a good ‘date’ bike those - everyone who ever road on the back had burns from those high pipes

great video. since 1982, I’ve been looking for the “perfect” do-everything motorcycle. I have 7 in my garage, as no one is exactly right…

And I’ve been looking for a modern new bike. this video got me all hot and bothered, so I went to Cal-Moto in Mountain View to have a look. All the sales people were a bit too cool, no one could be bothered to get up and chat. and? the scrambler which Ernie uses so well in this video? in real life, just did not do so much for me.

So I got all exciteable and am trying to get a generator functioning so I can ride my '59 Matchless G80S scrambler at night now.

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