Raise the dust

This trailer for Raise the dust, a roadbook rally aired by Red Bull’s Servus TV, features four guys going all out on four Triumph Scramblers. Holy cow! READ THE REST

Looks fun! I wonder what it will be like compared to “Long way Round”?

The show is viewable here:

(same link as in the post)

I think it needs a few more jumpcuts and shaky visuals.

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I’m not sure I see the point of trail riding on a bike that is going to weigh nearly a quarter ton. They couldn’t get the weight under 375 lbs?

The main complaint is that the power to weight ratio is no better or even worse than bikes of 30+ years ago.

Its a great road bike and a competent off-road bike. Its heavy, it doesn’t have modern bike power – but I don’t want either of those things. The feel of riding the Scrambler matched with the sound and its surprising performance are perfect for me. I’m an old and longtime Airhead. This is as close to a modern bike of that era as you get. It certainly has a throwback element to it but look at how these guys and Ernie Vigil (previous post) ride it. I’ll never be able to do that on any bike.

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