Triumph's 2016 Thruxton R

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Why only motorcycles and no roadsters, I wonder? I’d love to see what they would offer as a contemporary auto.

That is, indeed, beautiful. If I lost maybe ten inches I could ride it.

I need to go wipe the drool off the keyboard now. Oh for a winning lotto ticket…

The Thruxton is the nicest of the retro modern Bonnies, but it still sports those goofy faux-carburetors which are totally ridiculous looking, and are a clear statement that this bike is intended for nostalgia seeking hipsters. This is the Epcot Center of motorcycles. Also, the swingarm is too short. Also, there are many many bikes bikes nicer than the r90s.

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Reminds me a lot of the Ducati Sport Classic that was sold for a few years. I’ve always regretted not buying the Ducati before it was discontinued. The Thruxton is nice, except for the faux carbs. What were they thinking?

Thrux is really the shittiest of the Modern Classics and the only reason to love it is the nostalgia you decry. You should be all loving the t100 or other sensible Bonnie’s the Thrux is uncomfortable and all about looks. Your geometry problems are worst on the Thrux with its shorter already shitty suspension.

The R90s is without peer. Please don’t bother trying to dissuade me of this, I’ll just post about it more often. @OtherMichael doesn’t even pick on me for the bike like he does the Vanagon. He knows.


Thrrrruxton RRRRRRR. Best vehicle name ever.

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The standard bonnies are boat anchors. Slabs of pseudo nostagic garbage made for waxed moustached “gentleman’s ride” afficionados. At least the Thrux has some balls. The R90s is pretty, but pretty stodgy in the end. It is German after all. The sexiest German bike ever made was the 1955 Rennsport. The R9T is my favorite of these neo-standard bikes. But to claim that the R90S is the prettiest bike of all time goes beyond personal bias and preference, both of which you are certainly allowed to have, into the realm of sheer ludicrousness. Flippant provocative inanity. Please, do indulge yourself, but don’t expect anyone else to take you seriously.

I won’t even bother to address the nonsense that is the statement that the Ohlins suspension on the Thruxton is “shitty”.

Just took a look at the R90S to refresh my memory of it, it sure is a silly looking unbalanced disproportionate thing! In a good way!

And in the world of cars, the AMC Pacer is also peerless.


If that is what you like, I applaud you.

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pah! the Scott Flying Squirrel the Hesketh Vampyre, and, of course, the Spagthorpe Mastiff

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the Gremlin was faster!

AMC Gremlin with a box bed to keep a concerted drop of olives from breaking it! Woo!
Blade instead of cushion on that bike for a seat! Yeah! Clench! Toe grab! Super Succession Clotting!
Just got the rough guide to driving Redwood City - Madrid that way, got used to manipulating an iPod with my tongue in the helmet, this is gonna be awesome.

A true gentleman would favour a Hurley-Pugh Wildebeeste.

The past few months of news have conditioned me to assume that any word that looks vaguely like ‘Trump’ probably is, and I was very confused about when Donald Trump got into the motorcycle-making business.

I’m mostly just messing with you…

I really like this Triumph except for the fake plastic carburetor which totally ruins it. There’s something ironic about fake parts when you are trying to be authentic.

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The fake carbs on my Scrambler are metal. As can be seen by how the sea air is corroding them.

Whoa now! Do you have a Triumph or Ducati Scrambler? Are you happy with it?

Do you think the fake metal carbs were a good idea?