Triumph's 2016 Thruxton R

2013 Triumph Scrambler.

The fake metal carbs look fine and work just like fuel injection. Having dealt with carbureted BMWs and Porsches for far too many years I think anything Fuel Injected after the Digifant my VW has, from the early 90s is great. Injector cleaner is much easier to run through the system than rebuilding carbs.

I guess they could have put a big metal box there and covered it somehow, but the carb look is fine by me.

Thank glob it is still air cooled.

shite, absolute shite. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll be expensive, slow, heavy, uncomfortable and handle badly. But on the plus side there’ll be a large collection of trinkets to let you spend the purchase price all over again on trying to make it into the bike you thought you wanted all along.

Ah, Retromania. We love you. In all your bearded, moustachioed, open faced glory.

Unfortunately not- fancy fins notwithstanding, it’s liquid-cooled with a big ugly radiator.

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