Screaming Pepe

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And why the banana on the left?

The more I read about Pepe the Frog the less I understand the whole thing. I guess I’m just too much of a normie (never thought I’d say that…)


I believe this is the proper time for a REEEEEEEEEEEE

Though I might be on the wrong board

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Some people just want to watch the world burn, or, failing that, mess up some shit and congratulate themselves for being brilliant contrarians, instead of obnoxious assholes.


Anyone who wants to watch the world burn should start with themselves.

There’s a part of me who tries to find good in all people, but sometimes there is nothing to find.

That’s certainly a high quality Pepe, however, now that it’s been posted here, it can never be rare.


Is anybody talking about reclaiming Pepe as his original innocuous self? I mean, we’ve got people trying to reclaim the swastika, fer corn sakes, which seems like a much harder row to hoe than a cartoon frog.

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As Furie makes redundantly clear, Pepe’s recent political activity doesn’t represent him or his beliefs: He’s not a white supremacist, and what’s more, he’s “voting for Hillary for sure. I was a big fan of Bernie, but that fizzled out, so I’m all Hillary 2016.” So he’s amused—if understandably aghast—that, for example, someone recently shouted “Pepe!” at a Clinton rally while she was in the middle of condemning Trump’s appeal among racists and xenophobes.

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