Scum & Villainy Cantina in Hollywood


Hi all! This looks like it’s already sold out so I apologize for posting late. (I think you can still get in via walk-in) This will be a pop-up Mos Eisley Cantina somewhere in Hollywood throughout April and May. Anybody here attending?


I want a non-Jedi/Sith costume. I’m thinking generic Rebel mechanic/maintenance guy. You know, the real hero.


From the website:



I thought the latest SW movie was a godsend to Cos-Players of lesser means. So many background characters in simple flight suits and the like.


I think I may just get a jumpsuit, put a rebel patch on the sleeve and carry a mop and bucket with me.

#6 are essential.

Also for the Empire


Ha! Haven’t seen Space Janitors.


How about a (apocryphal) Gemini astronaut?


So my backstory would be that I went through a wormhole that sent me back in time to Tatooine?

…and I have a girlfriend from Canada?



I have inkered with hte idea of Imerpial maintenance uniform. Something sorta kinda easy and or cheap (as I’d likely pay someone else for the sewing and possibly distress it myself.) Y’know, one of those guys that keeps things running rather than activly shoots things Plus the outfit has pockets, or at least an excuse to carry a kit bag. Always a plus.


Make sure you have a place to put your hydrospanner.


63 Character: Spaceman # 2
Alias: Cantina Dude / Unidentified spacer #2
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Actor: NA
Location: Left side of the bar
Notes: Starts on the left side of the bar. He sits in booth #2 with Danz Borin and can be seen sitting at table #2 while Luke and Obi-Wan talk to Han.
Figure: NA

([source] (


What the hell? The Wookiepedia page on that guy has been deleted. Is Wookiepedia suffering the same deletionist problem that wiki is?

For my costume, I was considering going that route. Generic Space Guy but I started looking for some Vietnam-era high altitude helmets and they are not cheap.


It wouldn’t surprise me if that guy really was wearing an off-the-shelf Gemini spacesuit costume. Half the extras in that scene were literally just dressed in whatever spare costumes Lucas could get the studio’s warehouse to cough up—thus the presence of Satan and the Wolfman.


They have names, you know. Kardue’sai’Malloc & Lak Sivrak.


SenorSchaffer<----totally didn’t just google that


But “Satan & the Wolfman” would be a way better title. Especially as a buddy movie.


Let’s do it. Can I be the Wolfman? I don’t want to shave.


You’d actually probably need to shave to get the costuming done well.