SDNY may charge Trump-Giuliani crony Lev Parnas over 'Fraud Guarantee'

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Fraudster starts company called Fraud Guarantee, “You know, just in case someone were to defraud you. And we wouldn’t want that the happen now, would we? That would be such a shame…” wink wink

Yeah, fuck mafiosi protection racket bullshit. I know Giuliani was always a creep, but when did he go completely AWOL, mentally? Did 9-11 break him, or something? Wtf?!


In this election the rule of law is my top issues.

But let’s say it the rule of law wasn’t important. I would be tempted to let him have a pass. Donald John Trump lets his political allies get a pass.

Fraud Guaranteed


Grifters, all the way down.


Who’s the guy on Cheetolini’s left, I heard he’s never met that guy.


Serious question…How independent is the SDNY from the Justice Dept? That is to say, if Barr gets a 2am call from Cheeto, can he sweep-in and make this magically go away?


It’s independent as a “norm”, but presidents have fired prosecutors before.


As an aside, it’s interesting to me that Trump is the least fat guy in that photo.

You should ask youself…

Who is Dmytro Firtash?

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But that was when we had an unethical, idiot, inheritance “business man”, puppet in the White House. Now we have… No, wait, I see it.

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So, not.  

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Can they ask for leniency considering their truth in advertising?

I thought Parnas was uber cooperating with federal investigators. What’s the point of adding more charges now unless they think he’s hiding relevant materials?

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