Sea eel population dropped 90% in 30 years

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This is disappointing (that I should stop eating it). Unagi is my favorite.


tRump can fix that, too…


Headline isn’t correct. Article is about unagi - freshwater eel. Sea eel is anago. Pretty sure that photo is anago as well (mostly cause it looks nasty). Unagi has a delicous BBQ glaze, which is missing in the photo


The reference to the 90% eel drop in the New Yorker article is linked to a CNN article ( from February 2013. So the eel in question has been decimated this way for the past three years already. Goodness knows how bad off it is now.

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Dropped 90%? Has anyone checked the hovercrafts?


Would you like to go back to my place bouncy bouncy?


Despite having been declared an endangered species, it is still a popular meal. People say they want to eat it now before it disappears forever.

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They also live in the sea - they spawn in the Philippines. An anago is a conger eel.

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This is a pretty good summary of the issue:

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my dad used to love eel - but it wasn’t the Japanese recipe.

A légpárnásom tele van angolnákkal.

No idea if that’s correct or not.

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