Seal doesn't recognize property rights, tries to steal man's shark


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I can haz feesh?



Sea Lion would’ve just argued it away from him.

“Pardon me, sir, I can’t help but notice that you’ve caught and killed a sea creature. Do you murder with such reckless abandon every day, or is today special?..”



Sharks eat seals; seals eat sharks. Elton John and all that.


Seal: "What? What do you mean this isn’t Barnacle Bill’s new al fresco dining establishment and gastropub? I’m an American/This is America (take your pick)! Serve me dammit!


I was disappointed it WASN’T that Seal.


“We’re never gonna survive unless we are a little crazy.” – Seal


Somehow I don’t think the “spray animal with hose to make it go away” tactic is going to work with seals.



‘Chubbyfisher uses Water gun.’
‘It’s not very effective.’
‘Seal uses Agility.’


Wet seal is wet.

Dumb fisherman is dumb.


What sort of shark is a chubby? ( j\k )


Must be a relative of Pancho.


You can see blood and probably other bits of fish washing into the water behind the table they put the shark on, so the seal was likely following a scent trail.


Pretty sure it was a sea lion, and this is exactly what I’m imagining it saying.


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