Seal leaps onto boat to escape orcas


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Poor orcas! Once again Man interferes in the natural order.


This reminds me of the clip from a few years back where the mother seal jumps on a boat and mourns her babies (or do I have it backwards?) that were eaten by the orcas.

Damn, but she/he looks terrified.


I see this seal shares our same fundamental misunderstanding about the danger to it’s overall wellbeing from humans as compared to sea-living predators. We’re all just cute little wide-eyed myopics deep down…


It was only after the seal went back in to the water that the people on the boat realized their wallets were missing.


The boaters are lucky that the orcas haven’t learned their southern cousin’s tricks…


I hope they didn’t seal that seal’s fate and push it back into the water. Have a <3


“You don’t want me, come and get these hairless beach apes instead.”


“Should I push it back in?”



My sympathies here lie with the seal clever enough to run and hide among one of the few species that orcas are probably a little reluctant to fuck with.

Orcas can be sadistic assholes, hunting for fun and playing with the terrified creatures that they will exhaust and kill and leave for the scavengers. They’ll find some other chew toy. Or that seal again on a day when there’s no boat.

Not that seals are especially virtuous, either, but the cleverness to use humans as a shield is worth some points in my book. :slight_smile:


Poor little seal…


… whom I only need to swim faster than


Those eyes. So soulful.


I think it’s in the “Filming of…” for that episode, but after that one of the orca comes and tries it with the camera crew’s dinghy. It may have been just playing…


You don’t win the title ‘dog mermaid’ by skimping on ocular cuteness.


Damn that was as close as it gets for that seal. The person by the motor should’ve been more cautious though, you never know if the orca would’ve attempted to jump onto the boat or something crazy and he was right there by the water’s edge.


When I was buying my scuba gear (a few years back), all of it was black. My wet suit and fins, and even my mask were all black. So when I went to finish the ensemble, I made damn sure to get a tank that was bright yellow. Sometimes orca will mistake a diver for a seal, and if that happens…well; it ain’t good.


Reminds me of when I used to work for an environmental group and I had a call from someone who wanted us to stop orcas from eating seals and otters because “they should know that they are endangered.” Head desk.

I certainly wouldn’t push that little guy off the boat (he gets the anti-darwin award), but in nature survival means getting bloody and nasty.


Yeah, that’s pretty dumb. But a single case of not pushing one little seal back to be eaten isn’t going to make any difference to the ecosystem, and as mentioned up-thread, points for human shield.