Sean Hannity bashes Trump by using clever "Biden" code in this amusing supercut

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This is one of the more damning compilations of Hannity hypocrisy I’ve seen, but it’s not news to anyone here, it really needs to be shown to Hannity himself, as well as your crazy uncle and the angry neighbor guy in the MAGA hat.

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Of course you know, great uncle Dudley, that every-time fox"news" mentions the Democrats (or Biden) they are desperately assuming that you know they are actually referring to the republicans, yes? That’s obvious, right? Of course you knew that, you’re not stupid!


Anyone who supported, much less defended, Trump has put themselves in a position where they can never again criticize anyone without looking like hypocrites and idiots, but it especially does my head in when attacks that were fully appropriate for Trump get used where they’re not at all appropriate. How the hell does someone like Hannity’s brain not just catch fire and explode when he’s saying things like this? I end up feeling like cognitively these people are just another species entirely, because the behavior is so weird and alien.

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Why is it always projection with these assholes?

GOP projectionism


not buying that it’s secret trolling. he’s just a clueless toady.


I have to agree with “clueless toady,” it’s pretty clear that a lot of the time he’s literally reading a script off of a prompter – a lot of the “word salad” that emerges is literally the efforts of a committee of scriptwriters all fighting over how to attract the most ears and eyeballs most effectively. It’s pure Orwellian doublespeak at it’s most (to date) inane and banal allotrope.


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