Sean Hannity briefly vanishes from Twitter after on-air humiliation


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Now, if only he’d “disappear” forever.



Hannity has been saying for weeks that Trump should fire Mueller.

Then the NYT says Trump tried to fire Mueller, and Hannity denies it.

Is he pissed that Trump wimped out on it? Or does he just deny anything the Times reports on principle?

And does he confuse himself trying to remember what he believes?


Why does he even need to bother to remember?

Look at Trump contradicting himself constantly and still keeping his supporters. None of them will do the research and they will dismiss anyone who does as “fake news”.


Right, I think it’s the attitude that’s important. Just wearng a pugnacious-victim mask convincingly while blasting away at Dems and libruls is more than enough to maintain a huge fan base for both of these professional Angry White Men. No matter what they’re actually saying.


Wearing a victim mask while complaining about the culture of victimhood.


Didn’t Fox later backtrack on their backtrack? That is, Hannity briefly admitted he was wrong (and shrugged it off), but they then, a day later, were back to pushing the original lie?


That does sort of match their MO.


He’ll be back in form in no time. In form 1649, to be precise.

(Disclaimer: bad puns are better than bad journalsim. Pardon, journalism.)




And does he confuse himself trying to remember what he believes?

No. He believes whatever he reads on the teleprompter.


After Cory was incorrectly corrected yesterday for not hyphenating barely literate you’re hyphenating it today?

Is this hyphen trolling?


Silenced? Jesus H Christ blowhard - you have a national teevee show where you pontificate on and on for hours every fucking week.

Yeah - you’re being silenced snowflake :snowflake:


There’s a lot of money to be made in playing the Victim Card while howling like a hungry baby.


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