Sean Hannity doesn't gargle piss


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It has been a very long time since I read an article that I enjoyed in such a straightforward way as I enjoyed this one.


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Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.


“a long draft of his own bitter pilsner” - well said, sir, well said.


“Sean Hannity doesn’t gargle piss”

The headline is wrong.


Actually I think their description “strong-jawed Dreamworks character” is funnier.


I see no definitive proof Hannity is human.


I know it’s probably awful for us as a society, but I appreciate how much puerile crap I’ve laughed at since November. I was looking for a tweet to add to this thread, and ended up having to google “Your faces look like your butts smell”, and I didn’t even find it. What a world, what a time.


drinking and gargling are not the same thing.



No mention of what “hanity gargles piss” changed their username from. I’m assuming it was something along the lines of “high, hot and hellofalot enema”.


Also from the AV Club, this one might be funnier if it weren’t also depressing to see just how needy Trump’s ego is. Sad.


unfortunate impression Hannity had cheerfully agreed he hankered for a nice pint of warm urine.

Perhaps he prefers it chilled.


Pity. It might actually improve his breath considering that he spends most of his days spewing shit.


I’m confused. Does Sean Hannity gargle piss or not?


As far as I’m concerned, there is no evidence that he doesn’t gargle piss, but I’m willing to concede he may simply swish it around in his mouth.


I find Hannity entirely confusing, so… maybe.


“While we have no proof that he does gargle urine. We can turn that around. We have no proof beyond him saying so that he DOESN’T gargle urine!”

  • John Oliver


“So Sean, when did you stop gargling piss?”