"Watch this": Sean Hannity sneaks a puff during video segment


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That cig certainly looked real to me.



Can I just say, the top three google results* for “Ersatz Haderach” are a twitter account that’s private, a youtube account with one shitty let’s play of a racing game, and a Blogger blog with only a “test” entry and a masthead that explains the joke of the name. What the fuck, people squatting the pun Ersatz Haderach? Or wait…

*at least there’s this, if you look on civilized parts of the internet


I dunno. I am not a fan of cigarette smoking nor of vaping; but this doesn’t seem unusual to me. Media casters do have long times taping and live broadcasting for their shows. Plus prep times and such. And who are we to judge how long is the right time for him to go without satisfying his addiction which is a perfectly legal one.

People like him judge the hell out of others. How are we any different if we do the same?

And someone will rely and say “it’s pointing out the hypocrisy”. It doesn’t feel like that’s what this is.


If it keeps him from berating or hitting on an intern, it’s probably a good thing.


Hypocrisy doesn’t come to mind. The first thing I think of is: “I didn’t know he was a smoker”.


Fooled me until he grabbed the thing by the lit end.

Tho I honestly don’t know how any smoker could ever lose the muscle memory to hold a cigarette between their first two fingers towards the “filter”. I quit 5 years ago and still hold anything even vaguely cigarette shaped that way.



  1. Sneak in a puff in manner least likely to interfere with makeup.
  2. Drink some water in manner least likely to interfere with makeup.
  3. Reset to smug, shitty expression.


Water? Naw, man, that’s vodka.




Burgess Meredith’s Penguin always used a cigarette holder of epic length. Plus, purple top hat and bow tie. Class act!


That’s kind of a genius little piece of unintentional performance art, mainly because he says “watch this” at the beginning.


There might be some truth to that. Grover Norquist is trying to get vapers into the GOP, framing it all as “freedom” in defiance of anti-vaping ordinances. This could be part of that campaign. https://news.vice.com/story/this-conservative-thinks-vaping-will-make-the-gop-cool


I wonder what kind of juice he’s using in that vape pen?


Hatorade™ ?


I’m surprised it’s allowed in his workplace. Hasn’t workplace smoking been done away with most places?


Not for long, if Republican congresscritters have anything to say about it.

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