Sean Hannity of Fox News on surveillance, then and now

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Sean says only what the Fox News beaver hat for hair tells him to say.


So Hannity “now” is from the Obama admin? That is no longer “now.”

Yes, it is still hypocritical and expected of the GOP.

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“Hannity Then and Now on NSA Surveillance” is the name of the YouTube video. It was published in 2013.


Say what you will about Sean Hannity

Very well. He’s a shitbag with barbershop quartet hair.


Ugh, I cannot stand more than about fifteen seconds of that pugnacious puke.


Fox News is simply the propaganda wing of the GOP.


“Oo, did I say that? I’m sorry! I suffer form long-term memory loss.”

Never get desinsitized by the firehose of hypocrisy, people.


You know, what bothers me most about people like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter isn’t all the shitty shit they say. It’s that they’re so obviously lying hypocrites, but nearly half this country can’t, or won’t, see it. I mean, I would love to play poker against these people, because they can’t hide their shit eating grins when they lie. Coulter is actually even a worse liar than Hannity. But, again, nearly half the country buys their shit, either because they honestly can’t tell they’re lying, or because they know they’re lying but their lies fit their world view. Which also baffles me, because that world view doesn’t benefit most of the people who buy this shit. I weep that there are so many people in this country who like this shit. Shit. These people are shit. Did I say shit enough? Shit.


Wonderful. I get it. However, some human decided to name this article as “then” and “now,” when it is really “then” and “later, but not yet now.”

What is most disturbing is the trend illustrated by the guy above me who said “shit” a million times (that’s not a negative, by the way). Hannity’s (and, I believe, most GOP voters) positions flip flop based on who is in office. Which, of course, means it isn’t about the issue – it’s about being partisan. But issues are hard, so it is easier to just look at the R or D behind the President’s name, and form opinions based on that. Amirite?

Yes, and it helps if you value nothing in the world but power.

In practice there’s a false dichotomy between “partisan politics” and “forming opinions based on the issues”. That’s because The Issues are typically defined based on what arguments are easiest for the Right to win. (That’s comically true on Fox News, but mostly true everywhere else too).

Broadly speaking, left-wing politics is about cultivating a consensus, and right-wing politics is about deciding what’s right and then selling it (both approaches have pros and cons). If you regard yourself as a no-nonsense down-to-earth person, the Right has you squarely in its sights with the sales trick known as “talking past the sale”. They put their hands on their hips, they ask you to put on your thinking cap, and they say: here are the issues; here’s what the candidates say about those issues; now you decide.

And they really do want you to think long and hard about the question, because the longer and harder you think, the deeper you internalise their definition of what the question is. Pretty soon they’ve got you trained. Once you believe that terrorism / military strength / small government / etc. are the most important things, they don’t need you to be loyal to the GOP brand per se.

This is just one part of the political battlefield, of course. Lots of voters don’t give two shits for the official definition of What’s Really Important, and they’re subjected to other tactics. But if you’re a certain type of man, and you’re not constantly on guard for it, right-wing politicians will lead you around by the nose using this tactic.

And money. Which, I suppose, is a form of power.

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I think he changes his mind after he changed to the “I had a haircut” wig. Probably exposing his brain to more light did it.

(Why is he interviewing and aging Hugh Laurie halfway through?)

I hereby nominate a new BBS badge named “Alliteration Adventurer”. You win the first one. clap


Has Hannity gone back to his original position since the GOP’s orange-haired boy has been in the WH?

Nah. Republicans are the military wing of Fux News. Tail, dog, wag.

I am pleased to announce that Sean Hannity has once again decided he supports the NSA as of Jan 20, 2017. Coincidentally, this is also the date most of the Republican Party stopped being deficit hawks.


Republican state run media plain and simple. Disgusting.