CA Gov. Newsom's appeal to humanity is wasted on Sean Hannity

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Even if Newsom manages to get a few points in here and there, I don’t know why anyone even goes on Fox News, you are going to be edited anyway. The cases of the “hostile guest” ever really being allowed to sledgehammer conservative talking points are few and far between. They will just choose to not run any of the interview. (Or maybe that’s not a bad idea-- go for the jugular and see if they can find anything to air.)


Appeals to reason and humanity never had any effect on Hannity’s audience. I’m also not sure why Newsom bothered going on the show.


Oxygen is wasted on Sean Hannity.


I thought Newsom did pretty well. He got some good main points in, about the coordination, for example. That’s a huge difference in the approaches. (I wish he’d spoken more about that, or maybe he did, but they didn’t air it.)
Not that many Hannity viewers will acknowledge that, but even if it’s 3 people, eh.


Hannity: “Illegal immigrants…Illegal immigrants…Illegal immigrants…Illegal immigrants…”

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If you are in the country seeking sanctuary, and the authorities know of your presence…that’s not illegal. :angry:


It will be in the UK, if Tories get their way.


Had a long-ish uber ride yesterday, while stopped in traffic guy puts on local conservative talk. Didn’t say anything because I figure he’s doing a boring job for low pay, let him listen to what he wants. But geez, it was just so awful by the time we got out. So many dishonest arguments that on the surface don’t sound wrong if you don’t bother thinking about the argument from other angles. With this level of discourse the republic is doomed.


Against my better judgment, I caught the first half of the interview this morning, and…Newsom acquitted himself very, VERY well. He was armed with facts and figures, and took Hannity’s lies head-on while remaining affable and completely unruffled. An elbow to the face, but clad in a velvet blazer…

I think very few people in Hannity’s audience can be swayed by facts; but Newsom did a praiseworthy job.


He also mentioned that he could take down DeSantis without notecards. Living in California, I listened to his regular press briefings regarding Covid and he knew his shit. Reporters would bring up some random California county and he had a pretty amazing command of their statistics and their strategies.


I should add that memorization skills don’t necessarily mean that someone is a good leader. In this instance I feel that he was very engaged and our numbers support that.


Newsom should have said: “I don’t debate fascists, I humiliate fascists.”


I think going on these conservative shows is almost less about persuading the faithfully ignorant but to prove to them that, no, they don’t have a handle on everything and, yes, those people that they vote against actually do have points that they stand for. An interview should be an exchange of information but going on there for a liberal is more like going into battle to try to bruise their egos and throw them off their talking points. I don’t think grandpa watching it cares but the kids in the room with him are going to ask some questions so I think it keeps fox viewers from completely closing the curtains on reality even we can’t get them to come outside and live in it. If boycotting fox made it go away I’d agree to but it’s being endlessly funded by the endlessly wealthy so not holding my breath for that option.


The most effective thing progressives could do is buy up AM radio stations and start broadcasting counter-programming in those areas that only receive right wing hate propaganda now.


I think it’s because he knows how to read and actually does.


Indoctrination isn’t what you teach, it’s what you leave out- and the moment you realize you’re not getting the whole story is the moment you become open to change.

Standing at their own podium and clearly showing the audience there is more than what they’re being told is a very important job.


(Excerpt from interview and article) Then Newsom dropped a truth bomb that continues to be largely overwritten in the national narrative by a distracting focus on the culture wars. Newsom tossed this economic fact in Hannity’s lap, with a lit fuse:

  • “71 percent of the GDP in America are blue counties. Progressive policies. Seven of the top ten dependent states are your states. We’re subsidizing your states because of your policies.”

Hannity squirmed and took offense — “I’m in New York,” he responded pridefully, “you’re not subsidizing anything for me.”

Then, remembering the cameras were on and who was watching, Hannity tried to walk back on his reaction: “I’m getting the hell out of New York, though. Mississippi, Alabama, I’m all for it over New York or California.”

Hannity, who reportedly makes nearly $40 million a year, has not offered a timetable on his plans to move to Mississippi from New York, where, perhaps significantly, he chose to raise his children.


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