The best insults from the Newsom/DeSantis face-off

Originally published at: The best insults from the Newsom/DeSantis face-off


I’m not a fan of Newsom but DeSantis was cumstered and dumpstered


It was definitely a waste of time, especially for DeSantis. When Newssom said…

Neither of us will be the nominee for a party in 2024.

…he was basically telling Ron he was a sucker for showing up at this debate (and, indirectly, Faux for hosting it).


I suffered through the whole thing (so you don’t have to). My takeaways:

  • all the questions were designed to put Newsom on the defensive - cherry picking stats with wild bias against California in favor of Florida
  • neither guy can answer a question directly and succinctly
  • Meatball Ron likely knew the questions in advance- he brought some very convenient props
  • The Right clearly fears Newsom - Hannity tried to get Newsom to rule out a 2024 run under any and all circumstances
  • Newsom should be honest about the fact all the nice places in CA are expensive - mostly due to housing and rent prices - and people leave CA because of this
  • He should have a straight answer about why CA attracts homeless/unhoused people from across the country. I can only speculate it’s a cross between climate/social services/low consequences for possession
  • The Left need to get their messaging straight on restrictions to abortion. Specifically- being forthright on having no restrictions due to it being a decision between a woman and her doctor. I think people need to better understand that other life or death discussions occur regularly for other medical conditions like cardiac, cancer etc and this should be no different.
  • realtime fact checking should be enabled at the bottom of the screen so people can see the lies and half truths

I do appreciate that!


He can’t do it because he only poses as that in context, because he wants to maximize the number of center-right voters while minimizing the loss of progressive ones, because he’s standing there trying to Dune Mentat gallup polls against the implied future lines of attack encoded in the questions and triangulating them with imaginary conversations in Panera Breads in the purplest Pennsylvania suburb in 2028.


That is a beautiful way to put it and should be arranged to music - like some cool jazz


Get someone who looks at you the way Gavin Newsom looks at Tony Blair


I think climate and it’s a large area you can scrounge stuff up from. And not only may people move to there, but because of their stupid high rents, one thing fucked in your live can cause you to be homeless.

But, like, everywhere has homeless people.

The first time I saw a homeless person was in Toronto in the winter near the Skydome. Poor SOB was on a cardboard mat in a puffy coat and pants in winter. :confused: Bet he’d go to CA if he could, at least you won’t freeze to death.


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Dear Rob,

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This is such a complex issue.

For example- my city of Calgary still retains significant unhoused populations and encampments throughout the incredibly cold winter months. I understand there is a small migration pattern to warmer climes of Vancouver, Victorian, Okanagan - but they seem to return.

Watching YouTube series like Soft White Underbelly leads me to believe this happens with California as well - nobody likes to sleep outside in North Dakota winters.

If you ever get the chance- look into how Japan handles this issue. Not to say it’s perfect or even ethical - but the difference between San Fran and Tokyo is startling. It’s probably cultural- Japan seems like more of a WE country- the US/Can more a ME state (NIMBY mentality).


IMO, that is the major problem with the US compared to a lot of the rest of the world. Like the democratic socialist programs in Europe work because they see it as helping everyone in Norway or wherever.

Because of the racism and xenophobia and other biases in America, a significant portion of people don’t view a lot of people as “real” Americans. And therefore they would rather suffer than create programs that help “those people”. :confused:

This whole attitude for pretty much the entire existence of the nation I think it explains most of our social ills.


Fewer homeless folks freeze to death in Montreal every year than in Los Angeles.



What did he expect!!!


Yup. Basically we’re inherently self-centered and the homeless issue shines a light.

Here - it’s all about how this impacts ME and makes ME feel. Screw how the less fortunate person feels - they probably deserve it.

In other parts of the world the focus is how this impacts US or society. At-risk populations are still seen as part of the whole.

I’m no expert but I believe this distinction is why harm reduction or low income housing initiatives in North America are less successful than other countries.


Really? I will have to look that up.

I’m so glad that I skipped this.

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It’s actually quite difficult to get hard numbers.

Neither place tracks this data officially. You’ll find articles in Montreal newspapers where they’ll mention five people froze in the past year. You’ll find articles in Los Angeles mentioning 14 people froze to death in roughly that same time period. Depending on how you bound the regions and the reporting, Los Angeles is still losing more per capita, but also has a higher number of unhoused people per-capita.

Sites like try to provide data, but they don’t list causes of death.

In both places, the number of people living of the streets has increased sharply in the past few years, and the number of deaths has also risen.


I see what you’re saying but also Desantis was the only person with something to gain (or lose) from this debate. I mean in theory a debate on “home turf” (fox news) for him had a possible outcome of improving his nomination chances. He’s so far behind he was probably thinking he might as well try.

I don’t know if Newsome had anything to lose or gain by showing up doesn’t seem like it.

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