Donald Trump finally gets a second wind, tearing into Ron DeSantis like it's 2015 (video)

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(Hands not to scale.)


This is an illustration of how Biff and his advisors are more skilled at populist pandering than DeSantis is. White supremacism and misogyny and anti-intellectualism only get one so far with an audience of Iowa Boomers. A successful right-wing demagogue also needs to assure these old white bigots that they’ll still be getting the money to which they (and they alone) are entitled from the government, whether in the form of Social Security and Medicare or subsidies for growing corn. For the same reason, going after the GOP establishment is also an area where DeSantis will have trouble competing with von Clownstick.

In order to succeed at fascism, one must make a convincing case that one is against the monied elites, even as one takes their donations and cuts their taxes and even if one is a member of that class. That’s why it takes a true grifter to get anywhere in that game.




What kind of demeaning, childish nickname is that?

I was really expecting something along the lines of “Always-wrong Ron” or “Ron DeStink-ass” or “Rhonda Sand-tits” or something else befitting a prepubescent bully.


Given that MoRon has been described as having all the charisma of dishwater, he is a poor candidate to take over a cult of personality such as MAGA. Nonetheless, it is fun to see them shredding each other. May it continue into Nov 24!


It is kinda interesting to see where Trump is going in the context of this poll.

Trump saying he won’t slash medicare or raise the retirement age is very much the mainstream opinion, even in line with current White House policy. Romney is on record saying he would do both - and it’s something hardline conservatives have been trying to do for ages. So Trump’s not wrong there - DeSantis and Romney are more aligned on that one.

Yet Trump holds the lead among voters that identify as strongly conservative, and DeSantis leads among those who are only lean conservative or Republican. DeSantis leads among Republicans with a college degree. It’s a very weird paradox and it will be interesting to see if it holds as the Republican primary progresses.


Because NONE of them give a shit about policy. It’s ALL driven by white, male grievance politics and nothing more. Well… And tax cuts. And deregulation.


Has DeSantis even announced a presidential run?


Not so far… but he’s making all the signs (slogans, he published a book, he’s making speeches on what his national policy would be, etc).


Well, I don’t think it’s just a book tour.

A PAC was just created so he can use as a money tap ie outside spending vehicle so… any day now.


For sure. It’s just interesting that voters that align as strong conservatives are supporting Trump, while those that identify as less conservative align with DeSantis. As @gracchus points out

Both are extreme blowhards (for different reasons) and Republican voters will fall in line behind whoever becomes the nominee. I’m not sure I’d write off DeSantis as being incapable of succeeding at fascism though. If he needs to go back on his medicare/social security ideas he will. He’s swiftly transforming Florida into a christo-fascist wet dream and many other GOP states are looking on with great admiration.


A lot of politicians like to drag out the process of “officially” declaring their candidacy these days because it can be an effective way of getting more media attention. Every news outlet wants to be there to cover the big announcement, so every public event DeSantis holds becomes a potential “OMG is this the day he finally declares himself a candidate?” moment.

Thus far the only Republican with any serious name recognition to officially declare they’re running against Trump is Nikki Hayley.


I believe that there could already have been a trump-desantis run in progress if trump hadn’t made Florida his home state in 2019. Fortunately for us POTUS/VPOTUS candidates can’t be from the same state.

The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.

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The deal with Mar-A-Lago says he can’t live there, so he’s obviously not an inhabitant. They can run together just fine


Given they didn’t apply the emoluments clause, why would they bother with this?


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I mean, “De Sanctimonious” was really weak, but this is such a weak truncation of that (presumably because it was too many syllables for Trump to reliably say it). I assumed Trump would have eventually gone with a better nickname, but it seems like he got stuck on that one and can’t change course, despite it not working. Maybe he just doesn’t have the help he used to…

Trump’s whole run feels very half-assed this time.


“Moron DeSantis” was just sitting there. Guy’s not even trying anymore.


TFG needs a VP that is clearly weaker than him.
Likewise, Ron doesn’t play well with others, he’s never going to settle for being second.

The two are not a good pair.

Ron needs to get FL state law changed or step down from governor once he declares. Either is very possible, but by not declaring he avoids having to do either one too.