Seattle nazi one-punch knocked out, reportedly removed armband when he awoke


Hey, if the takeaway lesson for these armband-wearing freaks is “screaming Nazi ideology in public will get you a big punch in the face” then that’s not really a bad thing.


A good point to remember for all of us “the-pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword” types.


Nazis get no power from losing a fist fight in a public place. Their whole shtick is they’re supposed to be the strong ones, you can be strong too if you join them, you can make everyone else afraid and be on top. Lying in the gutter bleeding and pissing themselves is way off message for them.


Not defending anything per se, Just pointing out that while the 1st only directly applies to the government, it practically applies to everybody, in sort of a more limited way. I don’t think punching nazis is necessarily wrong from a moral pov but it is probably illegal.


Yeah, the hand-wringers keep saying “if we don’t let these people spread their message in public then it just pushes them underground” like that’s a bad thing. They SHOULD be pushed underground, just like people who deal in child pornography and other filth that should never see the light of day.


It’s illegal under assault statutes. Nazi boy in this case is welcome to press charges, but they never do.


If you’re going to post people dancing in goofy ski sweaters, it should be this guy:


I can’t take this out of my mind. Help.


There’s a time an place for punching Nazi’s

1930’s, anywhere, punch 'em.
1940’s, anywhere, don’t punch. Shoot.
1950’s to 1980’s, anywhere, don’t punch. Extradite
1990’s anywhere except a pixelated castle? Punch. Otherwise try shooting first.
2000’s, anywhere. Check crowd makeup. Punch at your discression.
2010’s, anywhere. Post photo on employers Facebook Page. Photograph the punch if possible, at your discretion.

Future? I like your idea of pitting Nazi’s and coyotes against each other and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


A neo-nazi concussion study may yield more data than an NFL concussion study.


And once that happens to the detriment of the nazis, you’ll be right there to help. But it’s pretty clearly not happening now, so your ‘point’ just a distraction.


If it wasn’t (being?) torn down already, the nazis could be driven underground in that bunker near Pacific Palisades.




This is the fundamental justification for punching Nazis. No other arguments necessary, thank you.


Results inconclusive. All participants in the study had some form of brain damage to begin with.


You’re apparently not alone in thinking it’s OK to punch people saying things you find deeply offensive.

Sure, a Nazi is obviously worse than a political opponent protesting at a rally, but it’s a much simpler to draw a line saying “It’s not appropriate to punch people for saying offensive things”.


Nope. I am not alone in thinking violence is an appropriate response to people espousing an ideology that wants me and people like me not to exist, in an actually genocidal sense of the word as historically and materially demonstrated.

I understand that you have a problem with that. I will do my best to not invite you to any of my parties. :wink:


I still get an invite, though; right?

You already know I have great tastes in music…


Some would say “simplistic,” even.


And we all know that the simple solution is always the right one, right? And, again, nazis don’t say “offensive” things, they call for the death of their enemies.