Seattle nazi one-punch knocked out, reportedly removed armband when he awoke


And police departments are lousy with Nazi sympathizers.

Commenters who expect “the state” to fix any of this are … at the very least, wrong.


Nobody in this thread is talking about the government abrogating any given nazi’s rights. On the contrary, express away nazis, but there are serious physical consequences for your speech.


Correct, as long as they’re government entities or exist at the pleasure of government (e.g. common carriers). “Owners of property that allow the general public to pass” is a trickier situation, usually implying a thoroughfare that might under other circumstances be considered a municipal street; shopping malls, including outdoor ones, usually do not allow political protests on their premises.

In any case, that’s not applicable in this situation. If the government had shown up in the form of the police here the First Amendment would have been the last thing on their minds.


Pinochet, like the Shah, and like Saddam, were brutal dictators who were helped to power (financially and materially) by US Imperialist forces.

Hell, the CIA compiled and supplied blacklists for Pinochet’s forces (later, DINA) to target union activists and anyone left of Mussolini.

Punching a PinoHead would be too kind.


It’s not the size of the dog in the fight and all that. It’s his technique! Excellent form, punching through the target, not at the target.


I’d like the number of NFL concussions and number of Nazis to be the same: zero.



[Seattle Times] The person who threw the punch appears to walk near the person with the camera, and “Ain’t got nothing to talk about” can be heard. Another person says, “night night.”


Standing on a street corner wearing a nazi armband is threatening to, if not me, people I love.

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I just watched the gif loop about a dozen times. I’m giggling now :smiley:


That’s considerably ahistorical, and elides the core issue. Especially here, now, and in 1920, since if fascism flourishes, there will be no democracy.

The gif above does not depict this. It is not a consequence thereof.

But you know who really does do lynchings?

KKK, Confederates, and Nazis all indulged in a bit of extrajudicial murder. See the man wearing the armband with the logo advocating for that stuff?


He’s the one getting punched.


Right thing to do with a racist is not make him/her more racist. Oh well.


Like all rights, your right to do something ends where you are intentionally harming others.Your right to swing that fist ends at the nose of the next person.

Sexual harassment is a deliberate harm to others it is no more protected by the 1st Amendment than fraud, blackmail, extortion, defamation, threats. The 1st Amendment was never intended to protect such speech.

Absolutism doesn’t matter here. The 1st Amendment just simply doesn’t ever cover such things.


Once you understand what a Nazi is, you’ll see it.

Nobody walks around with a logo for motivated murder without being threatening.


Look man, these people are the bottom of the trash heap. The throw aways of humanity. They can no longer be reckoned with like most trump supporters. And guess what? They want to kill you or your family or my family at any cost if on their hate list. If a Nazi gets in my face I will punch him or her. Whatever it takes.



Don’t ask about the line, it doesn’t end well.


Nazis don’t care about justifying punching someone on “someone’s side”; they care about justifying exterminating whole peoples.


Everyone has the right to say what they want and not be illegally assaulted for it.

That said I’m glad this stupid fucking nazi got his lights punched out by that awesome dude.


No, they do not. No.