Seattle nazi one-punch knocked out, reportedly removed armband when he awoke


And we certainly don’t want any passion in our discussion relating to an ideology that calls for extermination of peoples! No sirree, Bob!


The passion (:roll_eyes:) of those voluntarily defending Nazis’s safety is certainly on display.



I wanna party with those gals!


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No one else at the scene contacted officers to make a report about the incident, police said.

he’s lucky he didn’t drown in a puddle


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Imagine using the effort and energy expended to convince folk that Nazis are worthy of not being punched on convincing Nazis that they should give up fascism instead.

I’m being told that works, yes? That’s the argument right? Yes, you can do both, but how much more effective one might be putting all of their effort on that?

You could even say there are significant social and physical consequences—video and gif evidence, if you will—for continuing to be a Nazi. You could say, see? Here’s what awaits you if you don’t stop being a shitty nightmare of a person. No one will know or care about your name, troubles, ideas, pets, or personality. No one wants to be around anyone who claims to like murder, or denies that fact. Nobody likes Nazis.

Everyone will just want to punch you and can you blame them? Nazis and their ideas stink. There is a reason everyone reviles Nazis in cinema, comics, and literature.

And history.


You can get on their good side by saying, I wouldn’t punch you as much as everyone else does, but, man, you are seriously outnumbered here. There are better ways of influencing people and earning some popularity. But nobody likes Nazis and they never will. Get over it.

You could then say, let me help you get over it and to not to be a Nazi any more. They have to want to change, right?

And that solves the problem of whether to punch Nazis: if there are no more Nazis to punch!

I’ve made my own efforts. I don’t think it will work. But prove me wrong. Report back. Fix the problem the way you claim it can be fixed. When we stop hearing or seeing Nazis, then you get the kudos for defending the First Amendment from Americans. But I gotta grade on effect, not effort there.

They escalated this. They need to stop. Forever.


I was merely trying to ascertain what one self-identified “1st amendment absolutist” believes. Neither of the “speech-as-crime” examples I gave were close to settled law when the bill of rights was ratified, so they were protected free expression by default. Many early 1st amendment absolutists were against libel laws in the 18th and 19th centuries, and many people today still argue that blackmail should not be a crime. What constitutes harm-through-speech has historically been a bit ambiguous, hence my question to the poster who called themselves an absolutist.


Nazis / Hate / Racism / Bigotry are a live cancer in the USA, proof of its existence are readily available daily, it’s entirely up to us as citizens of this Nation to root out this cancer, do away with it, before it does away with us.

Divided we are easy prey to these people, united we are the death of them, their theories & practices, and the hate that they spread. History tells us it is so.


Now I say this as a German with a german point of view.
I love this .gif. I want to make love to it. Punching these fucks cold out should always be followed up with kicking them on the ground so that they don´t get back up.
Fuck those fascist wankers.
Fuck them with the business end of a rake.
They still exist here in Germany, they are a cancer that never completely went away, even after they completely ruined this country. They must be confronted whenever possible. Don´t give them a chance to breathe, to regroup.
Do not tolerate intolerance.

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Let’s not pat ourselves on the back toooo hard. We were drug into WWII kicking and screaming. And it was less because we hated Nazis and what they stood for, and more we could no long allow their conquest of allies in Europe. We made buddies with a totalitarian regime who was even more blood thirsty than the Nazis in order to accomplish this. So it wasn’t for some pure quest of upholding some sort of morality. It was for the same reason we last fought a large war in Europe.

The US and Europe had Nazi fans before WWII broke out (and even afterwards!) We ignored what they did in Germany for the most part, including refusing to take in Jewish refugees. Indeed had Hitler kept to himself more, he very well could have had a very long rule in Germany.

Hell we had to make anti-fascist PSA even after WWII and into the 50s, because demonizing the others was still in vogue. The revulsion now is probably 10x worse than it was just prior to WWII and probably worse than during most of it. Partly because the full extent of their evils weren’t fully known, partly because it has all be mythologized and ingrained into popular culture. In some ways it may even soften their image because their reality was much worse in many ways.


Are we lining up to punch one particular Nazi™ or will there be a pool to choose from? I believe that the more Nazis that get slugged, the less Nazis will be around to punch. What a wonderful world it could be: I have a fist and no Nazi to punch.


Ideally, there will be very little actual Nazi punching. Making sure their marches are met with twice as many counter-protestors, a few of which who look like they might punch, and the rest ready to video any trouble, is what I’d like to see.

Exposing the fuckers, making them lose jobs, ultimately that would hurt more than punches.


Ok sure, you’re allowed to be pro-death penalty.

But there’s a fundamental difference between defending a group, ie “Nazi safety advocate”.

And defending a principal, ie “Everyone is entitled to safety, even people as horrible as Nazis”.

Do I really need to make the argument that prison is by definition safer than an execution chamber?


Don’t forget punching those that don’t wear an armband then, you’ve got your work cut out for yourself.


Thanks for your post. Punching this asshole is all well and good, but the self-righteousness in this thread was becoming a bit much.


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