Seattle nazi one-punch knocked out, reportedly removed armband when he awoke


I am trained in the use of guns, and am married to a Jew (making girlchild a jew as well by the rules of maternal inheritance), and I can honestly say that I am more than willing to “proactively self defend” if there’s a demonstrable threat. If their declared position is that my family does not have a right to breathe air on this earth, if you demonstrate any degree of threatening behavior to them; BOOM!

This jackass was actively picking fights, and his threatening BS only stopped when someone laid him out.

Other commenters have noted that this is a shameful “weak” display for the neo-nazi’s. That’s exactly right. Even if you’re scared of brown folks, and you desperately need someone to blame for your failures, you’re going to think twice if the repeating motif is “oh yeah, neo-nazis, they’re the guys who end up getting the shit kicked out of them all the time” (master-race my ass).


And apparently a good solid punch is part of the chemo!


They have had their say a long time ago and haven’t added anything new for the last 80 years or so.
Fascism has been tried out in a couple of countries already, and we all know how that worked out.
The data is in, it is conclusive, no need for further trials or discussions.


To paraphrase Josef Hader, punch him in the face for 24 hours, then start kicking his nuts.
For the obvious reasons, and a few personal ones.


I’m looking at this solitary dipshit with the armband, and seriously wondering if this isn’t some sort of variant on “suicide by cop”.

Pick a fight to let someone else pull the trigger.


That’s just as likely as this being The Producers cosplay.


OK, OK, I get it. I’ve been schooled.

From now on, I’m going to start punching people in the face whom I disagree with.

I’m going to start with various people in this thread (which is OK, they themselves told me it was OK).

I gotta say, it’s ridiculous this is so controversial, that half of the 300 posts are pro-violence. Unless you’re in imminent fear of assault yourself, you cannot legally punch someone you don’t agree with. Guys, we all know this. All this verbiage about how Nazis “deserve” to be punched is truly insipid. Sure, they “deserve” it. But, in a liberal democracy, you don’t do it. Remember who recently advocated punching people whom you don’t agree with? That’s right. Donald Fucking Trump. Do you really want to be grouped in that crowd? No? Why ever not?


Of course, it did…

And the thread then went just like this one too.


The paradox states that if a society is tolerant without limit, their ability to be tolerant will eventually be seized or destroyed by the intolerant.


Nazi said:
"They deserve the welfare. No, it’s fine… "
Shortly before that he had thrown a banana at a passer-by and called him an ape, according to witnesses.

His armband said:
Look y’all, I’m a Nazi, punch me the fuck out!


And some others. Don’t forget the first half of Pastor Niemöller’s poem:

Plus twenty-five million dead Russians.


Yup. Ain’t just history, either.

The only person imprisoned over Bush’s torture regime was the whistleblower who revealed it. The only person imprisoned for Eric Garner’s murder was the guy who filmed it.

Or we could consider the contrasting law enforcement responses to Y’all Qaeda during the assorted Bundy incidents vs how they act at Standing Rock or BLM protests. US law has never been impartial.


Unless you’re in imminent fear of assault yourself

So, exactly like this situation, where the guy was threatening people and trying to start fights.

Desiring to punch someone and thinking they deserve it and actually DOING IT are two different things. That’s why Trump isn’t arrested for his calls for attacking journalists. If a Nazi can think killing millions is okay, I’m totally fine with folks thinking punching Nazis is okay. You can’t tolerate one without tolerating the other.


Thanks! Just for the record, I figured out what the armband said.



I like the theory that it was the relentless time traveler attacks that made Hitler the way he was.


The answer to all these “would you kill/punch/hurt Hitler” time travel questions is that why instead of killing wouldn’t you save everybody and kidnap Hitler as an innocent baby and give him all the love he missed out on and raise him up proper. It’s time travel, not rocket science, folks!


OMG!! A Pandora’s Box and a can of worms in a bag with hornet’s nest. Do not open!!!



I have to wonder if they have decided to run away from this precisely to make the “antifas” look foolish when they show up en mass to oppose them? Or are they really scared?


DC literally has thousands of cameras that will be pointed at them in addition to the thousands of people carrying cameras who will be there to greet them. Nazi hot dog stand operators might be hesitant to show their faces fearing they might be tracked down and fired.

The warning only appears to weaken their resolve. Good.

Pictures, video and name taking is being used against Antifa too:


That is not remotely true.

Fraud, extortion, blackmail and threats were certainly criminal acts back then. Going back to the Romans who codified such things as criminal acts.

Defamation is not a criminal act today, its a civil tort. It WAS a criminal act in England going back as far as medieval times.

“and many people today still argue that blackmail should not be a crime.”

I would love to see the examples of those people!